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WARTS Cure in Homeopathy

Wart cured in 35days at Dr SHAH’s HOMOEOPATHY By Dr DEEPAN P SHAH


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  1. THUJA
  9. X RAY



Urticaria or Hives is a condition which presents itself on skin with welts and weals (red elevated bumps) typically lasting for few hours to days and then changing location, which are usually( not necessarily always) itchy burning and stinging in nature.

Hives can be Allergic or Non Allergic in nature that is Hives with Immunoglobin involvement(allergic) and Hives without Immunoglobulin involvement (non allergic) that is no allergen-antibody interaction.
It is  caused due to response of immune system to certain stimulus in susceptible individuals. Such stimulus can be of various types and nature.


FOOD – Allergy to food item is one of the common cause to urticaria. Food items commonly known to cause urticaria are Nuts, Shell Fish, Brinjal, Tamrind, Tomato, Channa dal, Wheat, Soyabean.

ENVIRONMENTAL AGENTS – Individuals allergic to certain environmental agents of the place they reside or work if comes in to inhalation or in contact to skin may cause urticaria or hives. Some are even sensitive to photons or solar light and heat where as some individuals to water and cause aquanergic urticaria which in most cases is not histamine mediated

MEDICINES – Allergies to certain medicines especially Penicillin, Clotrimazole, Codiene, Dextroamphetamine, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Sulphonamide, Sulphonylurea, cefclor, Piracetam.

INFECTIONS – Viral, Bacterial, Parasites, Protozoal, Fungal, Dermatophytes etc infection can cause urticaria during the course of infection or post infection. Worms, Lice, Dental Carries and Ear Infections may also  urticaria cause urticaria.

THERMAL – Its observed that many individuals develop urticarial rash with 20 hours after exposure to excess of heat or cold

CHOLINERGIC – Triggered on perspiration due to exercise, hot bathing, hot climate, emotional stress etc.

PROPRIOCEPTIVE – There are two types in this, one is pressure induced and other is dermographic urticaria, in pressure induced the wheal are more thicker and elevated and appear few hours after the pressure and lasts for 6hrs to 3 days whereas indermographic urticaria it appears much sooner is not much elevated or thick compared to former.

EXERCISE – Induced after intense Exercise may result into death in some severe cases who shos respiratory and cardiac sptoms along with, its different from cholinergic as individauls suffering from it has no relation to perspiration pattern and is not induced due to hot bath emotional stress like in cholinergic type.

EMOTIONAL – Triggers purely due to emotional stress with no relation to perspiration like in cholinergic.

SCOMBROID – Ingestion of Excess of histamine through food eg diseased fish with excess of histamine in it.

IDIOPATHIC – Cause most of the cases of urticaria remains unknown.

Pathogenesis of Urticaria


Each and every detail of all systems and a proper history of patient to evaluate and exclude certain factors like –

1)Whether patient is on any medicines. If he is, then since how long he is on that medicine. Whether those medicines are for chronic condition or recent acute complaint. Whether there is any recent change or addition of any medicine, in those who are on long-term medicines for chronic condition. eg Glimipride in Diabetes Mellitus patient. history of drug allergy. Sometimes drug allergies presenting as mild urticaria initially, might soon trigger up, in no time and can prove fatal, even before we can treat it

2)Exclude presence of Infections in past / recent past / current, as many infections may cause urticaria during its course or after it has run its course, as a reactive response of immune system. It can be either viral, fungal, bacterial, protozoal, dermatophyte or parasite infection. Parasite infection can be external like Lice or internal worm or helminthic manifestation to which body might show urticaria as reaction. Sometimes chronic Ear Infections and Dental Carries patients show up urticaria as reaction.

3)Make a careful note of, recent Consumption or Exposure or Contact atleast from 48hrs before untill his complaint started or triggered, of the following

  • A list of food items and should be done for every subsequent episode to rule out or find out allergy to particular food items.
  • A list of thing that comes in contact of skin or respiratory and other mucous membrane should be made, Change in cosmetic and toiletries like soaps, creams, lipsticks, eyeliners, oils etc. Fabrics new garments, undergarments, bands, scarfs, bed-sheets, pillow etc. Aerosols like room fresheners, insecticidal spray, recently done pest control, perfumes, deodorants, mouth fresheners etc. Jewelries and other accessories note of various materials that comes in contact with surface of skin.
  • Presence of pets, pests or rodents, bed bugs etc in patience close surroundings .
  • Presence of flowering plants with pollen in house or in garden.
  • Exposure to pollution at work place or unusual environmental exposures.
  • A note of trigger after exposure to extremes of Heat or Cold,
  • Relation with Emotion Stress or
  • Urticaria trigger due to exercise Exercise with respiratory or cardiac symptoms frequently tends to fatal.
  • Relation to sunlight exposure should be noted
  • Any change in place of residence or work should be noted
  • Change in source of water should be noted.

Guidines as per my clinical experience of Homeopathy in cases of Urticaria in Discussion format.

Personally for me, Urticaria cases are too interesting, as these patients human-organism/ Vital force/immune-system is too sensitive to certain stimulus. Shows very quick reaction and same applies to susceptibility and reaction to well selected similimum remedies. You dont have to wait much to realise the effect of doses you have given, they will show quick aggravations even if u have reached a nearby similimum remedy and even if its a chronic case.

The human-organism and vital reactions are so much eager to express themselves from within outwards, that they come up not only on skin but also with various mental symptoms, opening up after medicine is administered. Usually when urticaria resolves with homeopathy it takes away, along with, many other psychological skin respiratory and digestive disturbances.

In homeopathy, while treating case of urticaria, we should keep in mind that its a deep seated constitutional complaint. Even if it is acute and recent we have to be cautious as we can never say wether patient will go into chronic phase or not. These patients have high susceptibility towards certain stimulus and most paients are constantly being troubled by continious stumulus so considering these two important aspect of disease pathology, accordingly the medicine and potency and repetition should be selected so that we are able to create very similar artificial medicinal disease (aggravation) in such patient.

Usually these patients wether acute or chronic are most of the time psoric in maismatic nature and doesnt require antisyphillitic or antipsycotic remedies unless they have urticaria as secondary to syphillitic or psycotic constitution type, which can be evaluated by physical generals with signs of such miasmatic presentation.

Low to medium  potency with frequent repetition initially, patient within couple of days or weeks will show aggravations moderate to severe, at this point patient should be switched to placebo. Patient should be guided to bear with it and not to succumb to anti-allergic, anti-histaminic allopathic medicines for temporary relief, as it will completely disrupt the chain of event that been set in by homeopathic medicine and bring patient to ground zero again. In such case where patient has taken allopathic medicine to relieve itching and other complaints, a physician should wait for next aggravation get new case taking done and new indicated similimum medicine delivered.

When patient are guided not to take allopathic medicines for urticarial aggravations they need to be alerted and observed that they are not developing any complications in respiratory or any other vital organ or system due to aggravation. If doubted, required measures to be taken soon.

Gradually after lasting for couple of weeks the aggravations starts subsiding. In very few cases it relapses again but every subsequent episode is milder and symptom free interval longer compared to previous *. And this is how it phases off and gets completely annihilated.

(*Acute similimum medicines to be restarted on every such subsequent episode untill symptoms aggravated and then switched to placebo.)

Urticaria – 10 best Homeopathic Medicines

(Only Theraputic Indications)

  1. Natrum Sulphuris – Urticaria in patients with liver affections, Hives alternates or accompanies gouty affections, Gouty diathesis, Hydrogenoid constitution, typically suited to Psycotic Maismatic backgroung with tendency towards warty overgrowth, Complaints aggravates when climate changes from dry to damp, arthritis of small joints of toes and fingers accompanies with urticarial eruptions, pruritus aggravates on undressing, lying on left side and music, patient feels better in dry climate pressure and changing position frequently.
  2. Ledum Pal Urticaria in patients with rheumatic diathesis and Gouty diathesis, sensation of severe itching burning and sticking like from insect bite, complaints aggravate from heat of bed and covering, in pt with tetanic convulsions accompanying urticarial rash, eruptions more on ankle and feet especially rt side.
  3. Urtica Urens again this remedy is good for patients with Gouty Diathesis, Hives accompanies or alternates joint affections, urticaria relapses same time every year. Hives accompanies with catarrhal conditions, Urticarial eruptions burning heat violent itching and formication, complaints arising from suppressed nettle rash, suits well in Urticaria Nodosa and Dermographic Urticaria, patients having urticaria with angio-neurotic oedema have responede well to this remedy.
  4. Apis Melifica this remedy has a special affinity towards skin and mucous membranes where there is oedematous swelling due to innate immune response, inflamation, this remedy is made from poison of honey bee sting , and it is homoeopathically used to cure any skin , mucous membrane and any other connective tissue inflamatory affections showing symptoms and sensation as of from bee sting also urticaria showing similar symptoms and has very promising symptoms; typically the symptoms have an acute onset with severe burning and stinging pain with red rosy hue. sudden puffing up of whole body worse by heat touch motion afternoon colsed warm room on sleeping affects right side more compared to left finds relief in open air cold climate on uncovering.
  5. Belladonna Smooth shinny dry and hot skin due to subcutaneous congestion and dilation of superficial blood vesseles, urticarial rashes accompanies with fever with complete thirstlessness and head perspiring.
  6. Rhus Toxicodendron red swollen with intense itching and burning, aggravates on cold damp wether , at night during sleep, better in dry warm wether.
  7. Ranunculus Bulbosus Hives with severe itching on palms, itching palms with or without eruptions, aggravates on wet stormy wether.
  8. Natrum Muriaticum Hives due to Hyperacidity and other Digestive disturbances.
  9. Kreosotum  Hives due to dental carries
  10. Santonine Hives due to worms


Chicken pox – 10 Best Homoeopathic Medicines

  1. Ranunculus Bulbosus one of the best remedy for chicken pox in all stages of disease, shingles, herpes zooster, Herpes simplex 1 and 2, pamphigous and all other skin conditions where there are vesicular eruptions with intense itching and burning
  2. Rhus Toxicodendrone can be used during initial stage of chicken pox when pt is febrile and vesicular erutions have just started appearing.
  3. Variolinum its a nosode and it is  to be administered as single dose during treatment intercurrently along with other indicated medicine.
  4. Apis Melifica indicated when vesicles start appearimg and stopped when it starts bursting and patient comolaints of violent burning and itching with stinging pain and thirstlessness aggravations in warm and ammelioration on cold.
  5. Antimonium Tartaricum indicated in vesicular stage of chicken pox till scabs starts forming.
  6. Thuja Occidentalis It is basically a psycotic remedy but has shown great effect in all sorts of viral affections it compliments other medicines and can be continued till vesicles of chicken pox starts bursting.
  7. Ledum Palustre this remedy is indicated in  in all stages of chicken pox untill scabs starts falling off.
  8. Natrum Sulphuris  It can be administered along with other homoeopathic medicines in biochemic form upto 6th trituration in all stages of
  9. Borax It is to be administered when scabs start forming and to be continued untill scabs starts falling off.
  10. Mercurius Solubilis it come into role when fever subsides and vesicles have started bursting and forming crusts , it should not be administered in fever and should not be repeated too frequently, once a day is quite often and it is to be continued once fortnight for a month even after scabs fall off.


Leucorrhoea is an abnormal vaginal discharge, its a very common complaint of women seen in our practice.

The discharge may range from what is called excess of normal to one which is a part of wide spectrum of ailments.


Leucorrhoea is an excessive vaginal discharge of whitish or yellowish which is thick and sticky.

Women experiencing from the excesssive vaginal discharge are worried and embarrassed about thier condtion and hesitate even to share this issue with their doctor.


Normal vaginal secretion

The physiologic basis involved in normal vaginal secretion is dependant on tbe oestrogen level. With the rising oestrogen level, there is abundant secretory activity of endocervical glands and the superficial vaginal epithelium becomes rich in glycoprotein.

The mucoid secretion from cervical glands is normally small in amount. The carbohydrate radicle of the glycoprotein mucin is spilt off and fermented into lactic acid. Thus the mucus is secreted in excess and is passed out at the vulva.

Usually normal vaginal secretion is slimy and sticky and quantity is less.

Normally it may be a little excess in mid menstrual period during ovulation or just prior to menstruation., during pregnancy and during sexual excitement.

The secretion is mainly derived fro the glands of cervix , uterus, tansudation of vaginal epithelium and bartholins glands (during sexual excitement)

The Excess Vaginal secretion is due to

• Physiologic cause
•Cervical cause
• Vaginal cause

Physiological cause

The normal secretion is expected to increase in conditions when the oestrogen levels become high. Such conditions are.

•During puberty

Increased levels of endogenous oestrogen level leads to marked overgrowth of endocervical epithelium epithelium which may enroach onto the ectocervix producing erosion leadin to excess secretion.

•During menstrual cycle

Around ovulation peak rise of oestrogen leads to increase in the secretory activity of the cervical glands.
Excess secretion occurs In premenstrual pelvic congestion and increased mucus secretion from the hypertrophied endometrial glands.


Due to increased level of oestrogen causes increased vascularity. This leads to increased vaginal transudate and cervical gland secretion.

• During sexual excitement

Occurs when there is abundant secretion from bartholins glands.


Non infective cervical lesion may produce excessive secretion. Such lesions are cervical ectopy, chronic cervicitis, mucous poylp.


Increased vaginal transudation occurs in conditions associated with increased pelvic congestion. The conditions are uterine prolapse, acquired retroverted uterus, chronic pelvic inflammation, use of contraceptive pills or devices.

What are the probable causes of LEUCORRHOEA?

It is usually seen that the mucus membrane and glands of our body produce normal secretions, these secretions protect our body by forming a slimy lining over skin or mucus membrane.
Similarly vaginal glands secrete some secretions to keep the organs moist or lubricated and hence help our body to prevent from infections due to its acidic nature of secretions.
Leucorrhoea usually is not an acute condition, it does not develop all of a sudden. It usually denotes a devitalised state. It involves one or more parts of the reproductive organs.
When our body is loaded with toxins due to various causes organs such as skin, kidneys, ailmentary tract etc are not able to flush out the toxins. As a defense mechanism our body produces profuse discharge and eliminates in one or the other form of mucus membrane of uterus or vagina in the form of leucorrhoea.

Most common causes of leucorrhoea are as follows:


•Fungal infections

Candida albicans can easily flourish in most of cases and is usually caused due to poor hygiene. It gives rise to thick whitish or lumpy discharge accompanied by intense itching in the genital region.

•Parasitic infection

Trichomonas vaginalis is most common cause of leuchorroea. It affects the lining of both vagina and cervix causing infection.

•Bacterial infection

Bacterial infections are caused by chalmydia and gardnerella vaginalis. They cause sexually tranmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorhoea HIV etc leading to abnormal vaginal discharge.
And other infections like Urinary tract infections, Pelvic inflamatory disease are also one of the cause
Of leuchorroea

•Hormonal Imbalance

Due to increased level of oestrogen it leads to increased vascularity causing increased vaginal transudate and cervical gland secretion leuchorroea.

•Poor hygeine

Unhygenic conditions cand lead to abnormal vaginal discharge especially during menstruation, unprotected sexual intercourse or excessive sexual indulgence etc.


Any injury to the vagina or cervix or tissues during delivert can cause erosion and infections leading to abnormal vaginal discharges.

•Contraceptive Devices

Use of contraceptive devices have high risk of causing infections and irritations leading to leuchorroea.


Lack of nutrition, Anaemia, Weakened Immune System causes Leucorrhoea.


Usually a female patient with leucorrhoea presents with the following symptoms

  • The most important symptom of leuchorroea is thick or thin whitish sticky vaginal discharge.
  • If the leuchorroea is caused due to an infection, the discharge is yellowish or greenish in colour and has a very foul smell.
  • The patient with leuchorrea usually presents with excessive itching, soreness and swelling of oedema.
  • Presence of white discharge is noticed on the undergarments.
  • Pain in the low back, abdomen, calf and thigh muscles is also one of the important characteristic symptom of leuchorroea.
  • Burning in the genital tract, with burning urination and frequent urge to urinate.
  • Patient presents with Weakness, lethargy due to profuse discharge.
  • Painful sexual activity may be due to intense burning and soreness of the genital tract.


Usually we see in our practice when a female suffers from leuchorroea for a long time has generally very weak constitution.

Let us put light upon some useful measure which will help us to combat leuchorroea.

  • Maintain proper hygeine of genital parts, cleaning the vulva after every act of urination,and sexual activity. Also hygeine should be equally maintained during menstrual periods.
  • Use of cotton undergarments to prevent sweat from being retained in the genital tract, which may become a medium for infections leading to leuchorroea.
  • Excessive douching of vaginal area should be avoided to maintain normal vaginal flora and balance the ph.
  • Stay hydrated, drink atleast 2 to 3 litres of water to flush out toxins from your body.
  • Maintain proper diet., include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet., healthy herbs,spices, carbs, protien etc.


While treating with homoeopathy its of utmost importance to understand the patient first and then her disease.

In homoeopathy we believe that the seat of the disease is on deranged vital force and functioning of normal human body and every individual has a different genome and so altogether a different constitution and each will responds in different manner to external environmental and social stimulus and insults on the organism as a whole.

Each has been subjected to different external inimical influences in different ways so each one has different peculiar differentiating trait and character, which has been embeded in gene through ages and generations to shape up a particular constitution and personality.

So its very important to find peculiar PQRS of each case, as each will respond differently to the same administered medicine, also requirement of the case varies due to vast difference in each constitution personailty and in homoeopathy we have the previlige to select individualised medicine or call it remedy.

So in my following article I have tried to throw some light also on the constitution, that is physical mental and miasmatic background, of each remedy type, this will  helps reader understand which type of constitution personality will respond better to which remedy or to put it in other words which remedy works better in which type of constitution and personality trait

Now its not always necessary that all the symptoms of medicines should match the patient’s symptom completely  but it is important that most of the major symptoms of disease that are concerning the patient most and the constitutional background should match at large if not exactly with the medinical grading of symptoms and the peculiars helps us to distinguish between finalising between two similar matching remedies.



Well suited to Pale Fair Stout Women with tendency towards obesity and is constipated most of the times in women who cant tolerate cold and all her symptoms are worse in cold climate; they have tendency towards delayed periods; women at climectric age(menopausal); blisters and crack on breast, nipples and lips; music makes her weep; swollen genitals with gushing leucorrhoea which isThin Pale Profuse White Excoriating Acrid, severe itching and burning of vulva Decided Aversion to Intercourse.

Natrum Muriaticum

Constitution has bad effects of suppressed anger fright and grief and  prolonged intake of excessive salt lean thin emaciated especially in neck region malnourished anaemic with earthy complexion and has gouty diathesis. mentally patient is depressed due to suppressed emotions and consolation aggravates her want to cry in solitude ; tears with laughter ; leucorrhoea is Acrid Watery these subjects have suppressed menses.


Suited to women who have tendency towards early menstruation; dry mucous membranes ; hasty hurried variable mood suicidal tendency on sight of knife or blood ; Leucorrhoea Acrid Profuse Transperent Ropy with burning aggravated after menstrual bleeding phase is over.


Pulsatilla women is regarded as the most feminine and beautiful personality in Homoeopathic materia medica it is Well suited to blonde hair fair thin female at puberty having mild gentle yeilding disposition highly emotional sad weeps  while talking; timid fears to be alone ; likes sympathy and consolation ; fear of males; and has predominantly delayed suppressed and scanty menses but not necessarily in every case its variable; leucorrhoea id Acrid Creamy Burning with Diarrhoea during or after menses


Typically suited well to women at climectric age(menopausal); and in who easily catches  affections due to cold climate; tipically a tubercular diathesis and has liver affection; indifferent; doesnt like to work which can consume her time so doesnt like her job business or even she is averse to her own family for that purpuse; sad and gloomy; indolent; Leucorrhoea Yellow Greenish with Severe Itching  clutching and stitching pain in vulva radiating upwards to uterus and umbilicus pain so severe that pt feels bearing down pressure feels that everything would escape through vulva; and keeps legs crossed to prevent it ; leucorrhoea with prolapse of uterus and vagina.


This constitution types have highest degree of superiority complex, they are too arogant, aggressive, too proudy , excessive sexual appetite,  Leucorrhoea with nymphomania, Leucorrhoea with severe itching tingling in vulva.


Dreads downward motion , Leucorrhoea like egg-white with itching and sticking pain in vulva with sensation as if hot water was flowing out through vulva.

Trillium Pendulum

Women with Sanguine temperament excessive Lochia and tendency towatds menorahagia. Copious Yellow Stringy Leucorrhoea in women with tendency towards menorrhagia with severe pain in back and hips were broken into pieces.

Antimonium Crudum

Watery Acrid and Lumpy Leucorrhoea with tenderness in ovarian region.


Leucorrhoea in women with inflamatory uterine and ovarian affections, has history of frequent abortions, Copious leucorrhoea with tenacious mucous patient severe lancinating and tearing pain, leucorrhoea accompanies urinary tract infection with constant urge to pass urine frequent micturation and burning while passing urine.

HAIRFALL -10 Best Homoeopathic Medicines


Hairfall has multiple causes and each cause needs to be attended

A careful history needs to be taken and case needs to be taken to note down the following factors

  • Life style including diet exercise rest use of cosmetics
  • Life situations
  • Climate and Environment of the region where patient resides
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Automimmune conditions
  • Chronic diseases
  • History of communicable diseases
  • History of longterm medication
  • Family History and hereditary factors

Based on which we will be able to evaluate all the major factor involved and help us prepare line of treatment and selection of medicines

It is always advised that one should always select homoeopathic medicines as per Homoeopathic principles for best results.

Although there are certain medicines which can be generalised and given in almost any case with reasonably good results without side effects.

Below are few such medicines with simplified note for their selection as when they are called for.

  1. Arnica Montana Promotes hair growth if applied locally can be mixed in coconut oil and massaged locally on scalp on daily basis.
  2. Jaborandi Promotes hairgrowth and fights dandruff can be applied on scalp on daily basis.
  3. Selenium hairfall due to dandruff and hormonal imbalance
  4. Acidum Hydroflouricum hair lossdue to exudating eruptions on scalp and sensitive scalp
  5. Lycopodium male pattern baldness
  6. Acidum Phosphoricum Hair loss due to depressing emotions
  7. Acidum Nitricum Hair loss with severe folliculitis with burning sensation on scalp
  8. Kalium Carbonicun dryness of hair and scalp causing hairloss
  9. Natrum Muriaticum Hair loss due to depressing emotions, anger resentment.
  10. Calcarea Carbonica Hair loss in fair fat flabby women who typically have tendency towards thyroid affections.

A general care needs to be taken of hair scalp diet exercise rest which will be discussed in other article, as this article is intended only to throw light on commonly used homoeopathic medicines for hairfall.


Alopecia Areata is a systemic autoimmune disorder where autoantibodies are driven against anagen hair follicle.

Alopecia Areata Before treatment at Dr SHAH's Homoeopathy
Alopecia Areata Before treatment at Dr SHAH’s Homoeopathy
Alopecia Areata After treatment at Dr SHAH's Homoeopathy by Dr Deepan P Shah
Alopecia Areata After treatment at Dr SHAH’s Homoeopathy by Dr Deepan P Shah


Its thought to be systemic autoimmune disorder affecting anagen hairfollicle.Its T-cell mediated inflamatory non scarring condition. T-cell mediates inflamatory response around hair follicle which damages hair follicle.

Endogenous retinoids metabolic  disorder plays a major role in its pathogenesis.

Atleast 129 various SNP  are associated with this disease in genome.

Atleast 4 regions in genome are found to have these genes

Genes associated with this disease have functions of controlling the activation and proliferation of regulatory T cells, cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte-Associated Antigen 4, InterLeukin-2, InterLeukin-2 receptor A, and Eos, and HLA.

PRDX5 and STX17 genes expressed in the hair follicle are associated with Alopecia Areata.

It shares genetic risk with autoimmune conditions like Diabetes Mellitus Type 1, Rheumatoid Arthritis and may accompany each other.It may be the only manifestation of Celiac disease.

Cases with congenital Alopecia Areata are also noted.It has strong hereditary association.Its a non contagious disease.


It presents itself with small well demarcated bald patches with seemingly healthy skin below, with no scarring on skin. It can affect any region that has hair but it usually involves , scalp and beard. The patches are usually circular but it can present in any shape and extent. The hairs on the border of bald patches are very easy to pluck off compared to other regions.


  • Diffuse Alopecia Areata

    the baldness is diffused over whole scalp rather than in patches.

  • Alopecia Monolocularis

    bald patch is located only in one spot

  • Alopecia Areata Multilocularis

    many bald spots

  • Ophiasis

    hairloss at margins of hairline in waveforms

  • Alopecia Areata Barbae

    disease is limited only in beard region

  • Alopecia Areata Totalis

    complete hairloss of scalp

  • Alopecia Areata Universalis

    all hair of each and every region are lost.


Trichoscopy shows evenly distributed hyperkeratotic plugs called yellow plugs, small shoots of hairs like exclamation marks, and destroyed hair follicles in follicular openings called black dots.




Sulphur is a general antisporic remedy. It is usually suited to lean, stoop shouldered patients. Sulphur is very well indicated remedy in case of Alopecia areata. Acting upon the external head, the itching is indescribable, constant itching worse from warmth of bed. Erruptions in general on the scalp. Severe loss of hair in patches. Dandruff with itense itching. Humid offensive erruptions with thick pus, yellow crust dry up into honey like scabs. Hair become dry, lustureless and fall off. Sulphur is a widely used remedy for almost every kind of itch.


Lycopodium has a very deep and broad sphere of action. It is a remedy prepared from club moss. Lycopodium is useful in case of alopecia areata. Frequently used remedy in case of hair loss, premature greying of hair, premature baldness. Patient usually presents with patchy hair loss. Itching in the scalp due to dandruff or erruptions which are thick indurated. Complaints are usually worse from warmth and better by cold applications. Extremely sensitive patient with deep furrows on forehead.


Kali bichromicum is prepared by the potentisation of salt potassium bicarbonate. Kali bichromicum is a wonerful deep acting remedy having effects on multiple system of body. Patient usually presents with hairfall in spots. Dandruff with severe itching. Dandruff is yellowish in colour with formation of scabs. Scalp is infected with severe itching. Kali bichromicum helps in regeneration of hair growth.


Phosphorous is well suited to young people who grow rapidly and are inclined to stoop. Phosporous indication in alopecia areata is very valuable. Phosphoorous works well in cases where falling of hair occurs in large bunches, leaving marked patches. Dandruff with sevre itching of scalp. Dry scalp and scaliness of scalp. Dry painful heat of scalp compellinh one to uncover head. Clammy perspiration on head only. Phosphorous helps in case of traction alopecia. There is receding hair line. Hairfall from forehead is prominent. Hence Phosphorous is very well indicated in frontal baldness too.


Thuja is one of the indicated remedy in case of Alopecia areata. Patient usually complains of diffuse hair loss along with dandruff on scalp. Dandruff is generally thick and whitish in color with intolerable itching. Patchy hair loss. Handfull of hair come out while combing or washing hair. Single bald spots progress to form multiple spots. Hence thuja is very good remedy in such cases.


Calcarea carbonicum is the chief representative of calcium compounds. Great Hahnemanian antiporic. Chief action is centered in vegetative sphere. Calcarea carbonicum is one of the frequently used remedy for hairloss. Usually associated with intense itching of scalp. Marked feature is excessive perspiration of scalp or head which is so intense even wets the pillow. Head feels hot. Scratches head on waking. Hair falls in bunches. Scabs on the scalp. Painful sensitive roots of hair. Dandruff with milky crusts causes intense itching. Boils on scalp which tend to suppurate.


Pulsatilla is pre eminently a female remedy especially suited to mild, gentle, yielding disposition. Very useful remedy in case of Alopecia areata. Hairfall in patches on combing hair. Purulent pustules on scalp with pain in the scalp. Itching on scalp mostly on temples and bwhind the ears. Dandruff white scaly with severe itching. Fetid and frequently cold perspiration on scalp with intense itching.


Arsenic album is a profoundly acting remedy on every organ and tissue. Arsennic album is one of the frequently indicated remedy for alopecia areata which usually appears as circular bald patches along with itching and burning of scalp. Sensitive scalp which it hes intolerably. The scalp is so sensitive that the patient cannot brush hair, seems as kfthe touch of comb or brush when rubbing over scalpwent into the brain. Circular patches of bald spots, rough, dirty, sensitive covered with dry scales. Hair greying at an early age, with severe hairfall.



Alopecia Areata Before Homeopathic Treatment
Alopecia Areata Before Homeopathic Treatment
Alopecia Areata During Homeopathic Treatment
Alopecia Areata During Homeopathic Treatment
Alopecia Areata After Homeopathic Treatment
Alopecia Areata After Homeopathic Treatment


Acne or Pimples is a chronic skin disorder affecting pilosebaceous units caused due to clogged skin’s hair follicles by dead skin, excess sebum, dust and pollution.

It is also called Acne Vulgaris


It is characterised by oily skin, comedons, black-heads, white-heads, pimples and scarring and pigmentation.

It usually presents itself in region dense with sebeceous glands, like on face, chest and back.

Strong Genetic and Heredity association is found in 80% cases. During puberty surge in hormones triggers Acne in both sexes. Diet, cleanliness, medication, infections, pollution environmental factors ,sunlight exposure, stress, smoking and other lifestyle factor seems to contribute in not all but many cases in varing degrees. propionibacterium acnes a commonly found on skin which frequently outgrows in number and contribute to acne in most of the cases.


Acne are categorised based on severity and there are various methods to do this Cook’s photographic scale of 0-8 grades, Leed’s scale of 0-10 with 2 modified versions of 0-11 and 0-12 and  Pillsburry’s scale of 1-4 grades. A scale of mild, moderate and severe is commonly used which easily helps to quickly decide line of treatment.

Mild form has only clogged hair follicle called comedones also known as black-head(open mouth comedone) and white-head(closed mouth comedone) and very occasional pimples are found on trunk .

Moderate form has pappules and pustules forming on clogged hair follicles called pimples are found on face and trunk.

Severe form has cysts and nodules its termed severe nodular acne and is present extensively on face and trunk.


Acne is a chronic skin disorder affecting pilosebaceous units caused due to clogged skin’s hair follicles due to

  • Excess sebum production under influence of androgen
  • Excess keratin deposition in hair follicle
  • Infection and colonization of the hair follicle by Propionibacterium acnes
  • Local activation of inflamatory mediators.

Dihydroxytestosterone and increased amount DHEA-S of secreted during adrenarche leads to excessive Sebum production prevents dead cells and debri  to clear itself from hairfollicle causing an initial keratin and debri clog within and form microcomedon, excessive skin cell proliferation also contributes in development of clog its further complicated by colonisation of Propionibacterium Acnes which forms a slimy biofilm within the hair folicle and helps forming a comedone.

If comedone is superficial the melanin pigments gets exposed giving it dark colour so its called blackhead also called open comedone.

If the comedone is deep within the hair follicle, unexposed, it is called whitehead also called closed comedone.

Many of the comedones further progress into papules, pustules and nodules, also it may affect deeper tissue and form deep tissue nodule.



Kali bromaticum is one of the most indicated remedy in case of Acne. In Kali bromaticum pimples usually begins in the teenage. Reddish pustules on the face causing grooves. Pimples usually have a depressed centre. Face is usually flushed, yellowish, cahetic look with pimples on face. In females the acne are worse prior to the menstrual period and during the time of menstruation. Exhausted look of face, lifeless and expressionless. Inflammation and great redness of face due to pimples.


It was said that in the golden age, when men lived on acorns, God lived upon walnuts and hence the name Juglans (Jupitars nut). Juglans regia stimulates the body’s defense mechanism and acts on various skin problems like pimples, eczema etc. Juglans regia is a very beneficial remedy in case of Acne. Indicated comedone of face. Reddish hard painful swelling of cheeks due to pimples. Acne filled with pus. Sharply defined depressed dark red erruptions, pus is seen through the thin skin.


Calcarea sulph is a Schussler’s connected tissue salt and most of the indications for its use are derived from his clinical experience. It has been extensively used for acne treatment based upon the biochemic theory. Very valuable remedy in case of pimoles. pimples with pustules on the face. Pale and sick looking face. Severe erruptions on face with itching. Pain in the erruptions after exposure to cold. Cold sweat on face. Useful in severe cystic acne. Lesions usually persists in one place for weeks and do not heal quickly. Yellow creamy pus drains for a long time. Unhealthy skin with yellowish scabs. Pimples on face, near hairline.


Mercurius solubilis is a powerful remedy which acts on every organ and tissue of the body.Very useful remedy in cases of acne. Earthy, puffy, dirty looking face, with constantly perspiring skin. A big pimple is surrounded by multiple smaller ones. Itchy erruptions, yellowish brown or greenish discharge from pustular pimples, often streaked with blood. Worse from extremes of temperature. Yellowish scabs with purulent pustules. Severe Burning of pimples.


Acne is by far the most commonest skin condition. Although prevalent among teens, a number of old people are also struggling with this condition. Echinecea angustifolia is the most effective remedy in case of acne. Echinecea angustifolia plant has its roots from daisy family. It makes the subcutaneous and superficial blood vessel walls stronger. This makes the skin more resistant and less penetrable from either the bacteria or free radicles that promote the development of acne. Echinecia helps to lower the inflammation levels due to its antibacterial properties. Echinecea angustifolia enhances good circulation and hence the skin will be clear and free from dead skin cells that clog the pores. It helps to accelerate the body’s natural defense mechanisms of flushing out the toxins.


Azaderechta indica has been used since decades as a traditional medicine in treatment of Acne. Azaderchta indica is known commonly as Neem. It is aaociated to Meliaceae family. Azaderchta indica detoxifies the body and acts as a blood purifier. Every part of Neem is useful with number of medicinal properties. It has been used since ancient times to treat many skin problems. It has a soothing effect on irritating skin. Very useful in acne. It acts as a nutritive tonic to skin. The antebacterial properties help to reduce the risk of infections. Azaderachta indica reudces the inflammations and puffiness of acne. Purifies blood thus gives radiance to skin. Pimples with severe redness, pus and tendency to form scars. Painful to touch.


Berberis aquifolium has a marked action on the skin producing pimples, dry, rough and scaly erruptions. Acne is the most common and psychologically distressing skin disorder which is very well managed by Berberis aquifolia, it clears acne and hence clears the skin. It also helps to erase scars on skin. Berberis aquifolia is one of the recommended medicine for its cleansing effect and helps in lightening of complexion.


Pulsatilla nigricans is a very effective remedy for acne during puberty. Especially indicated in young girls. Young girls usually suffer from various hormonal changes which lead to formation of pimples. Acne is worse during time of or around the time of menses, eating rich and fatty food. Especially indicated around time of puberty or when pimples breaks out near menstrual periods.


Hepar sulphur is one of the indicated remedies in acne. Usefull in acne in case of adolescents with unhealthy skin. Yellowish complexion. Great sensitiveness to slightest touch. Useful in pimples that are pustular in nature. The pus may be blood stained at times. The pimples are extremely painful. Tendency to form boils or abscess.


Acne like boils on face especially on cheeks. Slow healing acne which leave pitting scars. Silicea face is waxy, tired, anaemic. Pustular and vesicular erruptions spread over the face. Erruptions and crusts peel off with no healing. Useful in cases of pimples with offensive pus formation. Indicated in treating all types of skin problems. Pimples on forehead and cheeks. Silicea is usually chilly with increased sweating of palms and soles.


VITILIGO cure with Homeopathy indicated Homeopathic Medicines

Vitiligo is believed to be an immune mediate disorder affecting skin.

It is characterized by depigmented spots with sharp well defined margins bilateral in most of the cases , usually patches appears on exposed parts, extremities, body orifices, most common sites involved are hand, wrist, lips, face, feet, umbilicus, eye lids, nostrils mucosa of nose eye and mouth are also involved.






Its cause is not known,  but it’s believed to be multifactorial disease which is genetically predisposed and triggered by Environmental factors. It is frequently accompanied by other autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematoses, pernicious anaemia, alopecia areata etc.It is a non infectious condition. A strong hereditary association is noted.

Tyrosinase the enzyme of melanocyte expressed by TYR gene which is not the component of immune system but catalyzes melanin synthesis and is a major autoantigen in generalised vitiligo. A genomewide dtudy have found around 36 loci associated with succeptibility towards generalised vitiligo, its usually due to defect in genes related to melanocytes or immune system , its doubted that there might be some autoimmune response towards melanocytes.


It can be classified into segmental and nonsegmental types

In nonsegmental type the depigmentation appear somewhat symetrical and bilateral and usually grow with time and also appears in new areas with somewhat symetrical pattern it can start at any age and can grow to generalised or universalis where very few normal pigmented patches are left behind.

It is further categorised into

Vitiligo Universalis depigmented patches cover almost whole body with very few patches of normal pigmented patches are left behind , Micheal Jackson suffered from this type.

Generalised Vitiligo depigmented patches scattered throughout the body in somewhat symeterical fashion.

Focal Vitiligo one or few small patches in an area, commonly found in children.

Acrofacial vitiligo only fingers and periorificial areas involved

Mucosal Vitiligo only mucosal membranes involved

Segmental type usually affects segments of skin supplied by dorsal root from spinal cord. its usually nonsymetrical and unilateral, it is less frewuently associated with other autoimmune disorders as compared to segmental type, it usually is stable and static and does not grow much in size eith time.


When patches of affected skin are exposed to UV-A light it glows blue and the normal unaffected skin shows no reaction

Biopsy helps in confirmation of diagnosis






Psoralea corylifolia used not only in homeopathy but also is an important plant in Ayurvedic system of medicone. The seeds have a variety of traditional medicinal uses. Psoralea corylifolia is used in Homoeopathy and other system of medicines.
Psoralea corylifolia mother tincture is used therapeutically for various kinds of disorders. Psoralea corylifolia is a vedy valuable remedy in case of Vitiligo. It has a poweful action on the skin as it causes dilatation of arterioles of body leading to pigment formation which diffuses into discolorized leucodermic patches. It contains enormous biological values and is been used to treat various skin diseases from a long time like vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema. Psoralea corylifolia consists main components psoralen and iso psoralen thus it has antibacterial and anti viral properties. Psoralea corylifolea were used thousands of years ago in India for repigmentation of skin in vitiligo patients.


Ammi visnago is a natural substance used since a long time in herbal medicine. Ammi visnago is extracted from a plant in carrot family. Ammi visnago is a very beneficial remedy used in treatment of Vitiligo. Marked white patches are seen on the skin, it usually occurs when the melanocytes stop producing melanin. Usually the discoloration first shows on sun exposed areas such as hands, feet, arms, face, lips. Along with skin discoloration, there is permature greying of hair. Ammi visnago helps in repigmentation of vitiligo affected area.


Iodium is one of the indicated remedy in vitiligo. Usually presents with whitish discoloration of skin, whitish spots appear in patches. Melanocytes stop producing melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin, hair etc. Hence the involved patches become lighter. Iodium is usually suited to persons of scrofulous diathesis with dark black hair. Profound debility, great emaciation. Striking feature of iodium is eats ravenously yet emaciates.


ARS SULPH FLAVUM is one of the deep acting remedy which has very good results in case of vitiligo. The patient usually presents with discoloration of skin in patches that are pale white in colour. Ars sulph flavum is especially indicated when vitiligo is at the muco cutaneous junctions. Also indicated in other skin disorders such as eczema.


Sulphur is a great general antipsoric remedy widely used for various kinds of skin diseases. It is often of great use in begining the treatment of any chronic diseases. Erruptions almost of every kind. Useful in case of vitiligo. Whitish discoloration of skin. Skin is usually dry, rough, wrinkled. Unhealthy skin. Every erruption presents with great itching, sometimes itching occurs even without any erruption. Burning is the most characteristic symptom of sulphur.


Lichen Planus (LP) is believed to be autoimmune condition with an unknown causative and triggering factor. It presents itself with skin lesions characterize by 6 P’s i.e. Planar [flat topped], Purple, Polygonal, Pruritic, Papules and Plaques;
Although it may present itself with variety of other lesions as well.

The Lesions typically shows interspersed lacy white lines which are called Wicham’s Striae

It can affect anywhere on Skin Nails and Mucous membranes of any region.

The lesion may show any of the following pattern Annular, Linear, Hypertrophic, Atrophic, Bullous, Ulcerative, Pigmented.


What are the causes?

It is non contagious condition and is not related to any known pathogen; it is believed to be T-cell driven autoimmune reaction which triggers apoptosis of the epithelial cells; It is believed that this process is in response to some unidentified antigenic change in oral mucosa

What is Lichenified Reaction?

There are certain conditions where the skin lesions shows similarity with Lichen Planus lesions , in both clinical appearance to naked eye as well as histopathology under microscope but unlike Lichen Planus there are known underlying causative factors such conditions are termed lichenfied reactions.

Few examples which may cause Lichenified Reaction
  • In certatin drug reactions esp. due to beta blockers quinine thiazide diuretics furosemide spironolactone metformin and penicillin
  • Reactions to metal alloy fillings
  • Graft Versus-Host disease typically presents with chronic lichenified skin lesions on palms soles upper trunk and face after several months
  • Hepatitis ; esp due to Hepatitis B virus infection ; Hepatitis C virus infection ; primary biliary cirrhosis
  • stress and lifestyle as major impact on lichen planus it may trigger erruptions
  • lichen planus may be an accompanying symptom of Grinspan’s Syndrome


LP can be diagnosed clinically with brief history and character of skin lesions characterize by 6 P’s i.e. Planar [flat topped], Purple, Polygonal, Pruritic, Papules and Plaques; it typically has Lichen-like appearance; always Biopsy is Gold Standard to establish diagnosis.

HOMEOPATHIC Treatment Approach and Homeopathic Medicines for Lichen Planus.

Can LP be Cured?

Allopathy System has no cure the condition it can only relieve symptoms temporarily and does have side effects

Homeopathy is known system of medicines which can cure lichen planus without having any side effects



Explanation of indicated remedies on website are as follows.


Thuja has main sphere of action on the skin. Acting on the skin thuja causes painful sensitiveness of skin. Very useful remedy in case of Lichen planus. Thuja is very beneficial for inverterate skin troubles and chronic or stubborn skin conditions like lichen planus, psoriasis eczema, warts. Erruptions occur only on the covered parts of the body. The erruptions burn violently after scratching. Dry sensitive skin with hyperpigmented brown spots. Skin sensitive to touch. The skin usually looks unhealthy all over body. Aggravation of complaints usually at night from heat of bed.


Antimonium crudum is one of the indicated remedies in case of Lichen planus. Acting on the skin, causes ulcerations and has a tendency to grow warts, callosities, bad nails. Hard horny excrescences grow under the nails and is extremely painful. Pustular erruptions with inflammation. Itching especially on the neck, chest, back and limbs. Erruptions chiefly appear in the evening which itch in the heat of bed and disturb sleep. Formation of thick, hard scabs with oozing. Deformed nails. Degeneration of skin. Burning and itching worse scratching at night.


Calcarea flour is a powerful tissue remedy. Indicated in case of lichen planus. Patient usually presents with marked whiteness of skin. Cracks and fissures in the palms of hand. The skin seems hard. Useful in hard elevated edges of ulcer, surrounding skin is purple and swollen. Worse during change of weather and better by warmth.


Silicea is one of the frequently indicated remedy in case of lichen planus, psoriasis etc. Suited to complaints that develop slowly. Acting on the skin Silicea causes inflammation. Most scaly erruptions alternating with dry erruptions. There is hyperpigmentation of spots, coppery spots. Erruptions usually itch only in the day time. Silicea usually hastens formation of abscess. There is imperfect assimilation and defective nutrition.


Sulphur is one of the widely used medicine to treat various kind of skin disorders. It is a very valuable remedy in treatment of lichen planus. Papules and erruptions with extreme dryness of skin. Intense itching of skin. Scratching of skin leads to intense burning of affected parts which is a marked indication of sulphur. Complaints are usually worse at night from warmth of bed. Burning in palms and soles is stricking feature of sulphur. Sulphur is a gneral antipsoric for almost every kind of itch. Unhealthy, dirty filthy individuals are prone to skin infections.


Ars iod is efficient remedy in case of lichen planus. Ars iod is a very good remedy for skin conditions like lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema. Marked exfoliation of skin in large scales, leaving raw exuding surface beneath. The skin is cold touch, dryness of skin. It cures all syphilitic erruptions where the symptoms agree, where erruptions have been suppressed by local treatments. There is marked excoriation, itching, burning and stinging pain with rough skin.


Borax is often indicated in case of Oral lichen planus. Presents with ulcers inside the cheeks And on tongue. Excessive heat in the mouth. Dry hot, tender apthous ulcers usually bleed on eating or by touch. Mouth remains extremely dry. Ulcers in mouth extend to throat, even to stomach. Difficult healing of skin. Unhealthy skin, every little injury tends to ulcerate. Itching on back of finger joints. Erruptions on fingers and hands.


Every organ or tissue of the body is more or less affected by this powerful remedy. Very often indicated in case of oral lichen planus. Presents with irregular ulcerd inside cheeks. The cheeks give a very unhealthy and dirty appearance. Salivary secretions are greatly increased. Painful raged swollen bleeding gums. Highly offenseive odour from mouth with metallic taste in mouth. Skin is almost constantly moist. Vesicular erruptions with severe itching worse from warmth of bed.


Psoriasis is an endogenous immune-mediate condition(believed to be autoimmune) where there is increased epidermal cell proliferation which is result of excessive cell division in basal layers and transit time of keratinocytes through epidermis is reduced and reduced epidermal turnover from 28days to 5-6 days; its clinically characterized by well-defined erythematous plaques with silvery scales and flakes



A strong association has been noticed between certain loci on genome , many genes have been identified but still it remains unclearance how they all might be interelated

Most of the gene identified are related to MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) and T cells.

  • 9 Loci on different Chromosomes are identified by Genome-wide linkage Analysis which are supposed to be linked with Psoriasis and named Psoriasis Susceptibility 1 to 9 (PSORS1 till PSORS9) within this locus are also found genes contributing in pathways of inflamation and certain mutations in this region have been found in psoriasis. Genome Wide Association Scan identified many other non-specific genes which are responsible in expressing inflamatory protiens which affects the cells of immune system which are also involved in psoriasis.
  • PSORS1 is located on chromosome 6 in Major Histocompatibility Complex ; 3 Genes in this Locus are associated with Psoriasis vulgaris viz:- 1)HLA-C variant HLAC-w6 it encodes a MHC Class 1 Protien 2)CCHCR1 variant WWC it encodes coiled protein which if found to be overexpressed in epidermis of Psoriatic patch on skin.
  • CDSN Variant allele5 which encodes Corneodesmosin it is expressed in Granular and Cornified layers of Epidermis and upregulated in Psoriasis.
  • IL12β gene on chromosome 5q which expresses Interlukin12B(IL12B)
  • IL23R gene on Chromosome 1p which expresses interlukin23 receptor and is inlolved in T cell differentiation;psoriasis is belived to be T cell medaited inflamatory condition.
  • Both this above mentioned genes are also involved in upregulating Tumour Necrosis Factor α (TNFα) and Nuclear Factor κB.
  • Gene encoding CARD14 is found directly linked to Plaque type Psoriasis; any mutation in this gene and environmental trigger causes plaque type psoriasis.

ii)Environment and Lifestyle

Harsh environment like excess of heat and cold, extreme dry wether, irregular diet and sleep pattern, excess of mental and physical stress, substance abuse, regular exposure to excess of chemicals and other pollutants etc have been associated with aggravations in those with prexisting psoriasis and precipitates in those  genetic predesposition to develop psoriasis.


After infection with certain bacteria and virus its been observed that body develops an autoimmune state resulting into psoriasis.


Certain medicines induce it, like beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, antihyperlipidaemic medications, captopril, anti malarials,  lithium, NSAIDS, terbinafin, glyburide, interleukins, interferons, TNF inhibitors like infliximab and adalibumab, terbinafin, Granulocyte colony stimulating factor, glyburide, withdrawal of cortocosteroidal topical applications shows severe rebound aggravations.


  • Plaque
  • Guttate
  • Pustular
  • Erythrodermic
  • Inverse/flexural
  • Seborrheic-like
  • Oral


  • Palmo-Plantar
  • Napkin
  • Acrodermatitis continua
  • Generalised pustular psoriasis/pustular psoriasis of Von Zumbusch; during pregnancy its termed as impetigo herpetiformis
  • Annular Pustular
  • Any of above type may present with involvement of nail and joints and it will be termed as nail psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis respectively.


Though all signs may not be present or common in every case. There are various types of psoriasis and also within each of these type the presentation may vary in each individual but still there are few signs and symptoms; the presence of which may help us in diagnosis.

  • Silvery adherent scales and flakes
  • Well defined margins
  • Itching irritation and pain restricted only on papuler/pustules /plaque
  • Red erythematous base with plaque above
  • Frequently observed cyclic pattern of eruptions
  • Extensor surface involvement
  • Auspitz’s sign ; there is pin point bleeding when the scale is removed
  • Koebner Phenomenon; in this we observe psoriatic lesions are induced at the site of trauma to the skin.

Common Homoeopathic medicines for Psoriasis

A constitutional approach is required in its treatment

Homeopathic Remedies are selected only after proper case taking and repertorisation; Few of the remedies frequently prescribed are


Sulphur is an elementary substance occuring in nature as a brittle crystalline solid. Sulphur was used as a most powerful specific against itch. Sulphur is a very beneficial remedy in Psoriasis and has marked affinity towards skin. Sulphur is the greatest antipsoric remedy for almost every kind of itch. Troubles of very long standing resulting from suppressed erruptions. Skin is usually dry, rough, scaly, with voluptous itching. Itching of whole body aggravated at night from warmth. Unhealthy skin, useful in dirty filthy people who are prone to skin infections. Severe burning after scratching. Painfully sensitive to warmth of bed causes severe itching.


Arsenic album is a very deep acting remedy affecting every organ and tissue. Arsenic is useful in case of psoriasis. Acting on skin Arsenic causes intense itching, burning of skin, with dry rough scaly erruptions worse from cold and scratching. Anxiety, restlessness, prostration, burning with cadaveric odour of body are prominent characteristics of Arsenic. The surface of the body is pale, cold, clammy. Erruptions cause intense burning is the marked general of Arsenicum album.


Phosphorous is suited to young people who grow rapidly and are inclined to stoop. Phosphorous causes degeneratiion and inflammation of mucus membrane. In case of psoriasis the erruptions are dry scaly with severe itching and bhrning of skin. Numbness and formication of skin. Most of the symptoms are aggravated by midnight. Phoshorous is usually suited to tall slender persons, with thin transparent skin weakened by loss of animal fluids with great nervous debility.


Silicea is one of the frequently indicated remedy in case of Psoriasis. The action of silicea is slow. Suited to complaints that develop slowly. Silicea is useful in psoriasis where the erruptions are dry, scaly, with coppery or silverish spots. Erruptions itch only in daytime and evening. Silicea mainly acts on constitution that are sluggish. Slow nutrition if the individual receives a slight injury it suppurates. Silicea hastens formation of abscess and boils. Sometimes Presents with moist scaly erruptions with severe itching.


Natrum muriaticum is another deep acting remedy which is very valuable in Psoriasis. The skin is greasy, oily especially on hairy parts. Dry erruptions especially on margins of hairy scalp and bends of joints. Crusty erruptions in bends of limbs, margins of skin folds, behind the ears. Presents with severe itching. Erruptions become raw red and inflammed by scratching.


Thuja has marked sphere of action on the skin. Thuja cheifly acts on the mucus membrane of skin, glands, gentitourinary tract. Remedy for soft tissue growths like warts. Thuja patient has characteristic picture in case of psoriasis. Presents with waxy shiny face often looks sick. The skin looks unhealthy everywhere about the body. Painful sensitivness of skin. Dry skin with brownish spots. Very sensitive to touch. Erruptions only on covered parts of the body which burn after scratching. Aggravation at night from warmth of bed.


Calcarea carbonicum is one of the polcrest remedies and usually ranks with sulphur and lycopodium at the head of antipsorics. Calcarea is a chief representative of calcium compounds. Calcarea carb is one of the efficient remedies in psoriasis. Muscles and skin of calcarea carb become lax and flabby. With tendency of patient to grow fat. There is flaccidity of skin from head to foot. Scaly or scaby erruptions. Skin is rough dry with burning pains. Very unhealthy skin, every little injury tends to ulcerate. Excoriation of skin in several areas with severe itching. Complaints worse from exertion and cold in every form.


Graphitis is a mineral carbon. The chief action of Graphitis is on skin, especially at the flexures, folds of skin, behind the ears. Graphitis produces thickening and induration of skin. Very efficient remedy in case of psoriasis. Thick crusts are formed on the skin and has tendency to produce excoriations, cracks or fissures at muco cutaneous junctions of eyes, nostrils, folds of skin etc. Erruptions are cracked, moist which bleed easily. Skin is dry rough, irritable that breaks open easily and exude a gluey moisture like discharge. Aggravation in folds and slow to heal. Moist crusty erruptions which are aggravated by heat. As per my clinical experience Very well indicated in women of climacteric age having palmoplantar psoriasis


Petroleum is one of the indicated remedies in psoriasis. Very marked skin symptoms. Skin is usually dry constricted, very sensitive, rough, cracked and leathery at times. Erruptions usually have thick, hard, yellowish green crusts. All erruptions itch violently and one must scratch until it bleeds. Parts turn cold from scratching. Great sensitiveness of skin Complaints worse during winter and relieved by warmth. Petroleum just like graphites has frequently given me very good results in palmo-plantar psoriasis.

Few solved Psoriasis cases at Dr. SHAH’s Homoeopathy with before and after pics  in links below

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