Shiv Ling Vedic Model of Nuclear Reactor?

Shivling is found on earth on almost all continents with its reference found in vedic literature and archeological findings date it back to thousands of years, back in vedic era.

I was always confused when I got to know that many people obscenely depicting Shivling falsely as some body part of Shiv due to word “Ling”, where as its a formless god for vedic culture and symbol of creation, maintenance and destruction.

Its well said by Mahatma Gandhi that “Each one prays to god in his own light” – So this also explains that it reflects one’s knowledge, character and personality that how he percieves everything.

Vedas are compilation of poetic verses with vast knowledge of science, society and universe, its a bare act of nature. Each verse is being crafted with extreme efforts to preserve and carry forward to next generations, numerous messages in shortest, most perfect and meaningful sentence. Its compiled in poetic verses as there are many dimensions to each aspect of nature that simple language cannot explain and its not something only to be undertood but its has more dimensions to it, as it needs to be felt and realised to understand it and so the poetic verses, symbolisation and personification are the best ways that can carry the message in depth to next generation.

Its difficult for us to understand and  explain lord shiva like the way Vedas do and the understanding Vedas give to one who meditates each shlok in depth of it. But still if one has to attempt to explain, then the frequently used explanation is that Shiva is Formless, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, All pervaded by him, Creator, Maintainer, Destroyer, Nothingness, Final Emancipation, The Auspiciois One and many more attributes,  to understand each of the above aspects better, we need to understand aspects of nature, physics and emotions with all its dimensions first.

Shiva is mostly worshiped in form of Shivaling and only personified form that it is worshiped is Nataraj form where its also called the dance of Lord Shiva, now this personified representational form as per worlds largest particle physics laboratory (CERN) is beautiful dipiction of harmonious motion of electron with respect to other sub-atomic particles and so they have placed large Natraj Idol at the entrance of CERN’s Large Hadron Collidor and many physics and religious scholar after going through Vedic literature and current science findings believe Shiva to be depiction of some sub-atomic field that makes the basic fabric of whole universe, so recently found Higgs Bosson was termed as God-Particle.

Now if we further relate one of the representational form of Shiva, that is the  Shiv Ling, then its dome shaped with water continiously being dropped over it with channels around it to drain the water off, Shiv ling are almost always found near large water resource like river or sea, so that it get continous water supply and draining. The drained water is prohibited to touch or consumed as its regarded unsafe for health.

Now of we compare Shivling with Neuclear Reactors, Nuclear Reactors are dome shaped, needs continious robust water supply to keep it cool and are built near large water resources like sea, with channels of water drainage. Also certain wastes from Neuclear plant are radioactive and dangerous to come in contact with.

And also looking at above explained aspects and belief of scientists about the Shiva, “The Shiv-Ling as Neuclear Reactor Assumption” has got good chance to not to get rejected as probable model of Neuclear Reactor or even something related beyond it.

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