THE KILLER’s AGGRAVATION -Homoeopathic Medicines Can Kill You!


Killer’s Aggravation – Homoeopathic Medicines Can Kill You

Killer’s Aggravation and Homoeopathic Medicines

Now a days we frequently see people buying homoeopathic medicines over the counter without doctors prescription, consodering it to be safe and can be consumed by anyone. Its surprising to see that even parent are buying these medicines for their new born kids.

Most of these medicines are patented mix of multiple medicines which is against homoeopathic principles, as homoeopathic medicines are meant to be taken only one medicine at a time.

Also they are proved by using very low standards of drug provings that too completely contradicting principles of homoeopathy as homoeopathy strictly doesnt allow use of multiple medicine at a time.

If it is single medicine one is consuming it doesnt allow frequent repetition of dose in same potency with exceptions, its a very highly skilled to decide at which potency and how many repetition does a patient require as it varies from person to person in similar conditions, most of the times only one dose is administered to cure the conditions, more of it only complicates the case most of the time.

One should be aware that homoeopathic medicines are effective only if they match the constitution and symptoms of the patient or else it may not act at all and the disease may keep on progressing making it worse on the other hand if the medicinines that are not selected by process for repertorisation for  indivudualisation ans similimum dosing and if taken too frequently unhomoeopathically then it produces a new artificial morbid condition in the body which can be so severe so as to cause gross pathological change in the body which may be irreversible damaging the body permenantly.

Its a myth that HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES does not have side effects!

The fact is , Its HOMOEOPATHY  that does not have side effects! But HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES if not taken in accordance with HOMOEOPATHIC PRINCIPLES as mentioned in HOMOEOPATHIC ORGANON of medicine then the recipient may have severe aggravations.

As mentioned in KENT’s 12 observations the very first point says “Prolonged aggravation with final decline of patient” also termed as KILLER’s Aggravation by practitioners , a FATAL CONDITION which we not too frequently encounter and is difficult to handle.

So be careful before self medicating or giving medicines to your kids, always consult a registered homoeopathic consultant first.

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