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What is Pyogenic Granuloma?

PYOGENIC GRANULOMA also called GRANULOMA TELANGIECTATICUM or LOBULAR CAPILLARY HEAMANGIOMA is relatively a common benign vascular lesion of skin and mucosa and appears as an overgrowth of tissue.

It is usually a small, round, bloody red in color.

They are also known as Lobular capillary haemangioma or granuloma telangiectaticum.

They grow rapidly at first and then remain a constant size, they rarely exceed 1cm in diameter.

What causes Pyogenic Granuloma?

The following factors have a possible role in their development

Some cases develop at the site of a recent minor injury, such as a pin prick.

Staphylococcus aureus is frequently present in the lesion.

Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can also be the cause of Pyogenic Granuloma.

Certain drugs and medications are known to cause pyogenic granuloma


The appearance of Pyogenic Granuloma is usually a small red, round, oozing and bleeding bump.

Younger lesions bleed easily because they are rich in blood vessels. These lesions can be painful.

The lesions arise on various regions of the body such as eyelids, face, tongue, lips, arms, hands and feet.

EYELID: The condition gives rise to reddish pink vascular bumps over the eyelid and is said to be caused due to a rich blood supply from conjunctiva.

TONGUE: These growths arise on lateral side of the tongue, it may arise due to trauma from dentures.

LIP: Arises as a solitary growth on the lip.Growth generally appears on the lower lip.

FINGERS:The growths are common on hands and fingers.

FACE: Growths arising on face are generally multiple in number and looks like small red or reddish purple lumps

FEET: These bumps arise in the nail bed of a toe with an accompanying ingrown toe nail.


Pyogenic Granuloma can be diagnosed based on its appearance.


Commonly Used Homeopathic Medicines for Pyogenic Granuloma


Syphillinum is mostly indicated in case of pyogenic granuloma, where the patient presents with abnormal growths with pain. Indicated in case of chronic erruptions. Suited to person with pale and fine textured skin, who are slender. Presents with marked prostration and debility.


Hepar sulph is indicated in pyogenic granuloma. Specially suited to lymphatic and phlegmatic individuals. Excessive sensitiveness of parts is a leading indication. Chilly sensation. Indicated in csae of vascular lesions of the skin, they are bright red in colour which tend to bleed.


Silicea is mainly indicated in cases like pyogenic granulomas. Patient presents with vascular lesions of the skin where the suppurations continue and wound refuse to heal. Discharge is thin bloody. The lesion are benign and granulomatous.


Thuja is indicated in case pyogenic granuloma as it is used in bleeding growths, spongy tumours, warts. Thuja has main action on the skin. The lesions have tendency to bleed easily and presents with pain. Complaints worse at night.very sensitive to touch.


Ruta is indicated in case of pyogenic granuloma. The patient presents with small rounded vascular lesions which tend to bleed easily. Very anxious and low spirited with mental dejection. Presents with neuralgia, burning stinging pain.


Indicated in case of pyogenic granuloma. Vascular lesions which tend to bleed and are painful. Indicated in abnormal grwoths. There is great depressio . Sensitiveness to cold. Mostly indicated in blood tumors.

Homeopathic Approach in case of Pyogenic Granuloma

In Homeopthy we not only consider the signs and symptoms of the patient but treat the patient holistically, based on individualisation.

Similarly considering the symptoms-similarity, individuality and total of the patient, below is an example of one of our cases of pyogenic granuloma at Dr SHAH’s HOMOEOPATHY this case responded well to homeopathic medicine Syphillinum and got completely resolved with selected potency of 200C of the said remedy.

pyogenic granuloma
Pyogenic Granuloma Before treatment
Pyogenic Granuloma
During Homeopathic treatment Pyogenic Granuloma becoming dark and dry
Pyogenic Granuloma
During Homeopathic Treatment at Dr Shah’s Homeopathy
Pyogenic Granuloma resolved after detaching and shrinking completely now only a small dark spot can be seen at the site.
Pyogenic Granuloma
Pyogenic Granuloma- After Treatment – Cured completely after Homeopathic Treatment By Dr DEEPAN P SHAH at Dr Shah’s Homoeopathy.

14 thoughts on “PYOGENIC GRANULOMA”

  1. My son is 1 year old and about 23 lbs has a small round one by his left eye about 2 to 3 mm. Doctors are no help wanting to do surgery freezing/ burning etc. Are any of these safe for him?

  2. Do you have any recommendations for recurring pyrogenic granuloma occurring within voice box? Had them removed twice but reoccurred

    1. This particular case of pyogenic granuloma shown in the article had shown fastest recovery in record time ever at my clinic, it had got cured with 7-10 days, but not all cases respond so quickly and it usually takes 2-6 months of treatment.

  3. Man I have had my pyogenic granuloma for about a year now but around september I started using Topical Salt and it was shrinking and sometime in January like half of it fell off and I was feeling good about it and in the next couple of months it might have been shrinking still but at the end of the day I don’t like having tape and stuff on my face and around my hair. My Pyogenic Granuloma looks smaller than most pimples and is just elevated skin or tissue but I wan’t it gone and be back to normal like it was before. Will this work? Is it oral or topical, and whats the risk of scarring or anything like that?Also where could I find the products and what are the directions or recommendations.

    1. We treat pyogenic granuloma non surgically only with oral homeopathic medicines so treatment doesn’t cause scaring like in surgery or topical application treatments. For more info call us on number provided on website.

  4. hello sir…i had one injury of nail removal and finger splitting due to injury, had 6 stiches and some black tissue inflammated since beginning which was told as eschar….now after 2.5 . months when the black skin is removed is a reddish white swolen tissue which is told as pyogenic doc and they are telling excision as the only remedy….i have read so many articles since then and seen that it may return also eveb after surgery..i want a permanent solution , whnt for homeo treatment still not much improvement itz size also increased .already taking Anthracinum30
    Gunpowder 3x or 6x
    Hamamelis mother’s tincture
    Thiosiniumpowder since a week ..wat to so sir

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