Air Purifying Indoor Plants



We cant survive few minutes without Breathing, And the very basic and most essential substance of our survival Air is now not breathable due to air pollution created by population explosion, deforestation, industrialisation and civic development.

Recently in past decade with global surge in pollution levels as much as 20-40 times beyond acceptable limits; for certain extremely toxic pollutants in most cities; with Delhi as worlds most polluted megacity , with visibility not more than few feets, this is not only causing road accident pile-ups but also we have seen surge in deaths due to pollution, reduced life-span and poor quality of life due to ill health caused due to surge in Allergic Respiratory diseases , Allergic Skin diseases , Various Autoimmune diseases, Cancers , Hormonal Imbalances, PCOD and the list goes on.

But as we know trees are our best friends, so here they come for our rescue, luckily there are certain indoor plants which can efficiently takle situation and can bring down pollution and increase oxygen in the air thus making air more breathable effectively at our home.

According to study done at IIT-Kanpur, following 3 plants that require low and occasional sunlight and can efficiently absorb pollutants and release sufficient oxygen are and can grow almost in any region are easily availabe in India as well.

Money Plant, botanical name Epipremnum Aureum, its a creeper that can survive in low sunlight. Check the link for details of plant and its image

Areca Palm also called Butterfly Palm, Botanical name Dypsis Lutes, it can survive indoor in low and required sunlight once in couple of months.Check the link for details of plant and its image

Mother In Law Tug Plant also called Snake Plant, Botanical name Sansevieria Trifasciata, it can survive indoor in low and required sunlight once in couple of months. Check the link for details of plant and its image

If 3 Erica Palm and 3 Snake Plant each 3 feet tall are planted in house supplimented with couple of short 3-6feet Money Plant creepers releases good quantity of oxygen and efficiently absorbs pollutants for a house of around 600 sqft with 4-5 members.

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