Homeopathy – FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy and Homeopathic Treatment.

Homeopathy and Homeopathic treatment related questions that are frequently asked by patients and laymen are being answered in and explained in this article.

1) What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is coined from “Homoeos” which means “Similars” and “Pathies” which means “Sufferings”. Homeopathy is based on principle of “Similia Similibus Curentur” which mean “Same Cures Same”.

The Discovery Of Homeopathy and the Principle “Similia Similibus Curentur”.

It was discovered and developed by Master Samuel Christain Fredrich Hahnemann. Discovered just 350years ago making it the youngest system of medicine. It was while hahnemann was translating Cullen’s Materia Medica. Hahnemann found that juice of Cinchonna bark cures malaria and if Cinchonna bark juice is given to the healthy individuals they produce malaria like symptoms. This for Hahnemann was, like what was falling of apple, to newton on his head. Hahnemann then tried and tested many different naturally occuring substances on healthy individuals. He then systematically noted symptoms. He further refined it with grading of their degree of intensity and the rate of occurance. Hahnemann then observed that if a person in disease is administered a substance based on the similiraty of symptoms of disease along with its grading then the disease gets cured.

Reference in ancient history of Homeopathic principle

Hahnemann then worked to systematise data and its application, to further discover about this well known principle thats been used since ancient times. Since thousands of years  sanskrit has the saying that “Vishasya Vishanam Aushadam” which means “Poison is the Medicine for Poison” and “Unshanam Unshnena Sheetalam” meaning “Heat helps to reduce heat”. During ancient times, kings like Mithridates and Chandragupta Maurya used to consume poison in a very small quantity on regular basis. This gave them resistance towards that substance, sabotaging the poisoning conspiracy by their enemies.

His research found other deeper aspects and gave a wider view to this ancient knowledge, that is, if any person in disease is administered with any substance that is having capacity to produce, in healthy subject, symptoms similar to that of the diseased subject then the diseased subject can be cured of the disease with that particular substance.

The Mode of Administration of Homeopathic medicines

Unlike other systems of medicine, rather than giving heavy dose of medicinal substance and relying on primary action of that material drug itself, in Homeopathy we take the benefit of body’s responses to that stimulus of the drug which we call secondary response which is body’s response towards stimulus.

In Homeopathy, we administer substance in very minute doses, sufficient enough to stimulate body processes in response to this stimulus, and then without interfereing with any further dosing with the same or any other medicines, we wait till the body continues to produce and complete sequence of good restorative processes. Only after this the next dose is administered of same or other medicine if required. In Homeopathy, sometimes only one single dose is suffieient to cure many severe disease conditions.

Principle of Trinity – Mind, Body and Soul an insepersble whole.

Homeopathy is regarded as the only system that has in depth view and understanding of subtle naunces of body’s responses towords various minutest stimulus in all its dimensions, that is mind, body and soul making a unity, which is working as a whole.

Individualised Treatment

In homeopathy, person in disease is treated after proper individualisation. This recent concept of reqiurement, importance and realisation of  need for individualised medicine in Allopathic system was incepted first in Homeopathic system of medicine that too 350 years ago. Since its origin, in homeopathy, each and every patient is individualised first only after that specific remedy is administered.

Hahnemann did one of its kind work, that compiled and organised such an extensive information of the effects of various substances on healthy humans, with relation to its benefits on diseased individuals when given on principle of similars in nanogram proportions or nano particles. He is considered as Father of Homoeopathy. Hahnemann himself initially was MD Allopathic doctor and till date he is well regarded, in the field of modern pharmacology, for his one of its kind contribution. The contribution of extensive work of human provings of number of substances, with grading of symptoms and compiling such an extensive information.

2) What is difference between Homeopathy Ayurveda and Allopathy?

Both Ayurveda and Homeopathy use naturally occuring substances in their medicines but the principle of administering the same substance is absolute opposite. Where as allopathy mostly uses artificially prepared chemicals.


Homeopathy is based on principle of “Same Cures Same“ and all the Homeopathic remedies are strictly administered as per this principle only, in all the disease condition. Where as in Ayurveda their medicines are mostly based on “Opposite Cures Opposite”.

In Homeopathy, we use only one remedy at a time, in minimal dose required to stimulate the latent body processes and vital force, without harming body with harmful effects of large material doses of medicinal substances. Where as in Ayurveda compared to Homeopathy they administer large material doses of medicinal substances and depend on direct primary effects of that material dose.

In Homeopathy, we believe that disease is caused due to disturbance in “Vital Force”- the Autocratic, Automatic, Dynamic and Intelligent forces encoded and embeded in our each and every cell. These forces interact with each other to form a self-protective self-preserving dynamic larger form called Vital Force.

Any external inimical insults on it, that are sufficient enough to derange the Vital Force of the body causes disease. And diseases are classified as per their miasms that is the type of disturbance produced by such inimical forces in our Vital Force. In Homeopathy these disturbances of Vital Force are broadly categorised into thre major types viz Psora, Syphillis and Psychosis and there are other overlaping types.


Ayurveda believes in three basic humours of the body Vaata, Pitta and Cough and disturbance in this causes disease.


Allopathy is term coined by non other than the founder of Homeopathy Dr Hahneman. He termed it because the medicines administered are either on basis of opposite cures or no relevance at all in most cases. Allopaths believe that disturbances in physiology  are due to excesses, deficiencies and infections which can be easily restored by adding or subtracting chemically prepared analogues of enzymes, hormones, mediators, antibiotics and other various chemicals in large doses. Knowing not, that it only further spoils the fine equilibrium and harmonious interplay of body’s physiology. Ignoring the fact that there are inumerable other factors also involved which no mathematics  or microsocpy can find out. They completely rely on chemically prepared material doses to act, rather than to wait for body’s secondary response to stimulus of substance administered. Even though they know the fact that for each and every stimulus body has response and is usually opposite to action of stimulus. So initially patient finds relief but later it aggravates when medicine is withdrawn and withdrawal symptoms sets in.

3) Is Homeopathy slow in action?

Its a myth that Homeopathy is slow in action. Most of the cases visiting to homeopaths are chronic cases. The complaints they present with are years of failed experimentations of allopathic doctors. In such old chronic cases, we do take time. But in acute cases most of the times Homeopathy is faster than allopathy. If compared to Allopathy, Homeopathy cures man in disease from the root and completely annihilates the disease. So its the fastest and the best, as allopathy is not even able to reach the goal, that is to cure.

4) Does Homeopathic medicines cause side effects?

Homeopathic medicines if taken in accordance with Homeopathic principles as mentioned in organon of medicine under consultation of qualified and experienced Homeopathic doctor, then it doesnt have any side effects. But if not taken as per principles, it may cause severe aggravations and eventually killing the patient. As the medicine that’s administered is bases on principle of similar sufferings cures. Such aggravations in homeopathy are termed as KILLER’s AGGRAVATION.

5) Does Homeopathic medicines have steroids?

None of the Homeopathic medicines have steroids.

And even if someone wants to cheat patients with mixing steroids, then its not possible. The reason behind it is, homeopathic medicines are given in very minute doses, which are not repeated frequently, so mixing doesnt make sense.

Though this topic crop up now and then, its only because of conducting nonspecific tests on homeopathic samples. There are certain non specific tests for steroids which also turn false positive in the presence of Lactose or Alcohol due to its non specific character. So for testing steroids in homeopathic medicines only highly specific test should be carried out to avoid false alarm of false positive due to presence of lactose and alcohol.

6) Are Homeopathic medicines harmful if taken for longer period of time?

Homeopathic medicines, if taken under consultation of homoeopathic physician as per principles of homeopathic organon of medicine untill required, then it doesnt harm at all. Regardless of how long its been taken, it simply cant harm, if its taken as per principles, it will only benefit.

7) Does homeopathic medicine cause weight gain as side effect?

Homeopathic medicines doesnt have any side effects. Provided its taken in accordance with homoeopathic principles as mentioned in organon of medicine.

8) Does homeopathic medicine cross react with allopathic medicine if taken together?

Homeopathic medicines will not cause any harmful side effects if taken with allopathic medicines. But most of the allopathic medicines will suppress the effects and benefits of homeopathic medicines, if taken along with. So if u are under homeopathic or allopathic treatment and want to start other along with, then its advisable to inform both of your physician allopathic and homeopathic about it.

9) Do we have to be on strict diet if we are under homeopathic treatment?

There is a proverb in Ayurveda “If your diet is proper then you wont require medicines and if your diet is not proper then no medicine will work”. So same applies in all system of medicines wether ayurvedic or allopathic or homeopathic. One needs to take proper care of diet as it will decide your health status. So we give disease specific diet plans, just like any other system of medicine. But in specific for those on homeopathic medicines we strictly tell not to consume anything that has stimulating or sedative effects like coffee, canabis, opium, tobacco, also camphor as they antidote homeopathic medicines.

10) Do we need to stop coffee while on homeopathic treatment?

Coffee is general antidote to most of the Homeopathic medicines. Anything that has stimulating or depressing effect on nerves, antidotes Homeopathic medicinal action. It also breaks down the chain of sequence of processes that were set into action after the very first dose of medicine. Thus bringing down the whole proces; that was built up during all these days of the course of treatment; to a halt.

11) Do we need to stop onion and garlic while on homeopathic treatment?

Its advisable not to consume onion and garlic just few minutes before or after taking the dose of medicine. Garlic and onion once heated can be consumed during homeopathic treatment.

12) Do we need to stay away from strong odours and fragrances while under homeopathic treatment?

Its advisable to stay away from very strong odours and fragrances. Strong Odours and Fragrances might alter medicinal effect to some extent. If they are not too strong so as to irritate then it doesnt have much impact. It also depends which type of substance is emitting the odour if its of strong harmful chemicals it does impact the treatment.

13) Does Homeopathy has treatment for all the conditions?

Homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine in itself and has treatment for almost all the conditions except few surgical emergencies.

14) Is it safe to take homeopathic medicines over the counter?

No, its not at all safe to take over the counter homeopathic medicines. Most of Over The Counter  Homeopathic Medicines are Patents with combination of various homoeopathic medicinal substances. Now mixing multiple medicine in one is against homeopathic principles. Homeopathy principle strictly states only one medicine should be administered at a time. Not only this but also the indication and dosing mentioned on the packing is completely against homeopathic principles. Its unbelievable, how these combination patent medinines are out in market with homeopathic label where as they are all absolutely un-homeopathic.

Even if you are not going for such patent combination and opting for single medicine, its dangerous if you are not under proper guidance of a qualified Homeopath. Self medication with Homeopathic medicines, may cause killers aggravation. As already mentioned that killers aggravations are experienced with homeopathic medicines if medicine selection and dosing is not in accordance to Homeopathic principles.

15) How much interval needs to be given between medicines and meals?

Its advisable to give atleast 10-15 minutes interval if time permits for better results.

16) Homeopathic medicines needs to be taken before or after the meals?

It can be taken any time, but its generally observed it gives best result on empty stomach.

17) Why all homeopathic medicines look alike?

We use sacchrum lactis(sugar of milk), alcohol or water as base or vehicle for preparation of all medicines so they all look similar.

18) Why homeopathic medicines are sweet?

Homeopathic medicines are dispensed by mixing it with sugar of milk to make it palatable so it tastes sweet.

19) Does homepoathic medicines cause diabetes?

No, homeopathic medicines doesnt cause diabetes. The dose of sugar of milk pills is too small and each dose is too low in calories to cause any harm.

20) Is it ok to take homeopathic sweet pills for diabetic patients?

The dose of sugar of milk pills is too small. Each dose is too low in calories to cause any harm to diabetes patient and also patient can opt for non sugar based alternative of the same medicine, if patient is too concerned about it psychologically or condition demands it.

21) Does homeopathic medicine work?

Homeopathy is the second most acclaimed system of medicine after allopathy globally, results speaks for itself!

22) Is Homeopathy unscientific?

Homeopathic system of medicine is the most scientific way of interacting with body’s self defence mechanisms. Only homeopatic system works on body’s response to stimulus. Unlike other systems which work on primary effect of large material doses of medicines.

Vaccines are the examples of how homoeopathy works via body and not by the primary effect of the stimulus!

23) Is homeopathy unproven?

Homeopathy has clinically proven itself since centuries. It has proven itself so well that even after large scale efforts by allopaths to malalign this wonderful system of medicine which has became threat to their pharma companies now, are finding it difficult to do so and instead its growing with enormous rate. It has become second most acclaimed system of medicine after allopathy.

24) Are homeopathic medicines efficacious?

Frequently such question are encountered as a result of widespread false propoganda against homeopathy by proponants of orthodox system of medicines and pharma companies of contemporary orthodox Allopathic system of medicines. The fact is clinically the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines is unquestionable. Results got on the patients in the so-called incurable conditions speaks for itself. More and more new research Conducted By IIT MUMBAI and other prestigious institutes world wide suggests that homeopathic medicines are too advanced to understand its mode of action in contemporary laboratory set up. So many new hi tech advanced experiment are being conducted which concludes that there are nanomedicinal attributes to medicines. Researchers find the mode of action is unimaginably wonderful with requirements of more sophisticated equipments to understand it even further.

25) Who discovered homeopathy?

Homeopathy was discovered by an allopathic physician Dr Samuel Christain Fredrich Hahneman.

26) In which country Homeopathy originated?

Homeopathic originated in Germany. Homeopathy has flourished more systematically and scientifically in India compared to any other country.

27) Is homeopathy a witchcraft or Pseudoscience?

Homeopathy is based on scientific principles. Homeopathy is a well regareded system of healthcare since centuries. A practitioner of homeopathy in most of the countries which are developed and organised has homeopathy as a speciality subject for post graduate. After completing medical graduation or if taken as undergraduate course its a specialised stream of 66months or 102 months full time course in a teaching hospital to be taken only after basic formal 10+2 education in science stream. One needs to crack competitive exams to secure a seat like in India where the course is at par and equivalent to MBBS course of bachelor in medicine.

28) Are homeopaths quacks?

Homeopathy is based on scientific principles. Homeopathy is a well regareded system of healthcare since centuries. A practitioner of homeopathy in most of the countries which are developed and organised has homeopathy as a speciality subject for post graduate after completing medical graduation or its a specialised stream of 66months or 102 months full time course in a teaching hospital to be taken only after basic formal 10+2 education in science stream. One needs to crack competitive exams to secure a seat like in India where the course is at par and equivalent to MBBS course of bachelor in medicine and has a Common Entrance Test.

29) Homeopathic medicines contain only alcohol?

Most of the Homeopathic medicines are made by potentising them in medium of alcohol. Alcohol acts only as a vehicle to transfer medicinal properties within the organism. Most of the times, this alcohol based preparation of medicinal substance is mixed in pills made up of Sacchrum actis(Sugar of Milk), to make it palatable and easy to administer. Many homeopathic medicinal preparations are in base of water or Sugar of Milk(Sachrum Lactis), instead of alcohol as medium or base or vehicle.

So, though the medium can be of alcohol water or Sacchrum Lactis (Sugar of Milk) but the main medicinal ingredient used are different in each medicine.

30) Does homoeopathic medicines contain non vegetarian products?

Some of the Homeopathic Medicines are prepared from substances procured from animal kingdom. The proportion in Homeopathic medicines of such substance is inheritantly very negligible.

31) What are homeopathic medicines made up of?

Homeopathic medicines are made up from all naturally occuring substances from plant, animals, minerals, energy sources, heathy and pathological secretions of human body, viruses and bacterias etc.

32) What are the sources of homeopathic medicines?

Sources of homeopathic medicines are classified as follows

Plant Kingdom – Various parts of plants or whole plant is used. eg: Aconitum Napelus, Nux Vomica.

Mineral Kingdom – Naturally occuring minerals are used. eg: Calcarea Carbonica, Natrum Muriaticum

Animal Kingdom– Parts or whole organism is used. eg: Lachesis – poison of surukuku snake, Apis Melifica – poison of bee sting.

Sarcodes – Healthy secretions of Human Body. eg: Thyroidinum, Adrenalinum

Nosodes – Diseased secretions and disease causing agents are potentised and used in high potencies. eg: Tuberculinum, Medhorinum, Syphillinum, Pyrogenum.

Imponderabilia – Medicines prepared witb help of Energy sources like Radiations, Sunlight, light of moon, electro magnetic waves etc. eg: Luna, X-ray.

33) Are vaccines and homeopathic medicines one and the same?

Vaccines are based on Homeopathic principles. Although, Homeopathy is much broader feild and principle of vaccine can be said a smaller subset of homeopathic principles.

34) Does homeopathic medicine cause dental carries?

No, Homeopathic Medicines doesnt cause dental carries.

35) Does homeopathic medicine cause hyperacidity and digestive disturbances?Can patient develop somnolence( sleepy feeling) due homeopathic treatment?

No, Homeopathic treatment will never cause somnolence.

36) Does Homeopathic medicines cause weight gain?

No, Homeopathic medicines doesn’t cause weight gain as side effect. Untill such medicines are selected and dosages are purposefully designed with an intention to gain weight in an underweight person.

37) Why there are initial aggravation in condition after taking homeopathic medicines?

There can be initial increase in complaints after taking homeopathic medicines. Such aggravations are called homeopathic aggravations. Homeopathic aggravations are generally considered favourable untill they are not severe and prolonged. Homeopathic aggravations are not experienced in every conditions and also not in every case in conditions where it is observed.

Homeopathic aggravations are more commonly found in immune mediated complaints like allergies and autoimmune diseases sometimes in otjer functional disorders as well. sometimes while treating cirrent condition old symptoms that were suppressed do resurface and its a favourable condition and has good prognosis and in homeopathy it is considered as old suppressed disease condition being removed from within outwards.

Homeopathic aggravations are caused due the the principle of similars on which homeopathy is based where medicinal substance is administered with similar attributes with disease which also stimulates the body’s immune response which causes sich various aggravations, just like a person suffers from fever after vaccination.


After every disease the immune profile of the body changes so does the genetics and epigenome.

After every infection or vaccine there is change in our immune profile as our body learns to produce new type of antibodies driven against those infective microbes which are results of change in genetic profile which now has been encoded for memory to fight new microbes which earlier it didnt had ability to do so!

So, now not only the genetics has changed but also the whole epigenome has changed now, as there are new antibodies in circulation influencing the environment and interaction of the whole genome, hence changing the whole constitution of the person!

Homeopathic philosophy says every single infection or vaccination leaves behind a layer in the body, we call it the miasmatic layer or the miasmatic background in the constitution changing the whole constitution of the person altogether!

So, now the  person is not the same, vaccines and infections and diseases changes the constitution of the person.

This changes are deep seated as certain gene and epigenome has changed affecting the whole environment of the whole genome altogether with subsequent changes in constitution of the person and again subsequently over the time these changes on constitution and physiology as whole does have influence on appearance, psychology and behavioural aspect of an individual as well. There are many influencers on psychology and behavioural aspects of  a person other than this but certain deep seated general or particular physical and behavioural aspects are peculiar to certain miasmatic changes in constitution and a good homeopathic physician based on centuries knowleged on these aspect of human science in homeopathic literature and his own skills and experience can judge only by appearance behaviour and psychoanalysis of a person wether that person ever had tuberculosis or syphillis or other disease in past! Which he could confirm with help of lab investigations now! Isn’t it interesting, the knowledege of getting a clue of the disease history of a person just with help of appearance, psychology and behaviour!


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