INSOMNIA – Sleep Management Schedule – Get Rid Of Sleeping Pills


Sleep Management schedule is designed to help insomnia patients who have difficulty in falling asleep or difficulty in maintaining state of sleep. It helps to avoid sleeping pills and to  tapper down the dose of sleeping pills and stop it completely in those who are already on sleeping pills. In complicated cases Homeopathic remedies may be required in conjunction with this sleep management schedule as a supportive measure.



  • We only need to have to fix time to wake and let the body decide the sleeping time then!
  • Set an alarm 15 minutes earlier than your regular time that you wake up every morning, regardless of what time you had went to sleep at night.
  • Step out of bed as soon as you wake up in morning.
  • Morning walk is beneficial if do not have time in morning make it in evening before sunset.
  • Have nutritious breakfast in morning.
  • Have curds after Lunch.
  • Do not sleep in day time, regardless of wether you have slept at night or not.
  • Do not miss evening snacks.
  • Stop all stimulants and caffeinated drinks after 5pm.
  • Brisk walk for an hour is recomended in evening if missed in morning.
  • Dinner should be not too heavy not too light just filling.
  • Dinner should be taken ideally 1 hour before desired time to sleep after which one can go for a stroll outside for 10-15minutes.
  • Make sure all the meals you have throughout the day are not spicy, oily or made up of maida or bakery products.
  • Have a mix of papaya and pineapple 200gms approx after meals. Pineapple helps balance out serotonine levels and this induce sleep and papaya helps to mellow down the hyperacidity forming tendency of pineapple also both of them are rich in fibres pineapple has soluble and insoluble fibres and papaya has lots of soluble fibres so mixing both gives you blend of both soluble and insoluble fibres helping digestion as well, giving lighter feeling to stomach throughout the night.
  • One should not lie down atleast 1 hour after any meal.
  • Consume 2 liters of water throughout the day and stop water intake 1 hour prior to desired time to sleep.
  • Stop watching bright screens like Television screen or mobile and laptop screens or listenimg to loud music atleast 2 hours prior to desired time to sleep.
  • Make sure you have bed and room exclusively meant for sleeping, the room should be completely silent and dark if not then change to thicker curtains to prevent outside light entering your room and thicker window glass to prevent outside noise entering your bedroom.
  • We spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping on bed, so make sure its very much comfortable all your pillow, mattress, bedsheet etc. change them to new if you find them uncomfortable.
  • Don’t do any activity like reading writting listening music etc on bed excpet sleeping, bed should be used exclisively to sleep during the course of sleep management, so that by the end of this course the brain gets trained to feel sleepy soon on touch and feel of bed.
  • Do not enter bed untill you are feeling too sleepy.
  • Even after entering bed if you are not able to fall asleep then try keeping all your neck shoulder and  facial muscles relaxed while attempting to sleep.
  •  Do not try too hard to fall asleep, rather get out of the bed and involve yourself into small activity which doesn’t consume much of time eg. reading a small news papper article is recomended but not the novel. Enter bed again soon after you start feeling sleepy.
  • Certain fragrances are known to help induce sleep, I recomend lavender oil. Mix lavender oil with coconut oil in ratio of 1:10 and then can be apploed on scalp, or alternatively, lavender oil can be applied on handkerchief and placed near or beneath head while sleep as its known to calm mind and induce sleep.
  • A cup of warm milk before bed with very little quantity of jaifal and turmeric boiled in it, helps to induce sleep.
  • Get your Serum Vitamin B12 and Iron levels tested and start suppliments if the levels are depleted.

Usually results are expected within 2-10 days but in cases those who are not finding results and your sleep cycle is not restored then along with above sleep management schedule you can go for homeopathic supportive medicines under advise of registered homeopathic practitioner.



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