HOMEOPATHIC PATENT MEDICINES – Your Life Is At Stake – Are They Actually Homoeopathic!


Homoeopathic Patent Medicines – Homoeopathy for NAME-SAKE!

Homoeopathic Patent Medicines – Over the Counter – So Called Homoeopathic Medicines.

Are they actually Homoeopathic?

Are you being cheated in name of Homoeopathy?

There are lots of controversies related to So Called “Homoeopathic Patent Medicines” available over the counter in pharmacies.

And no one wants to dare to raise their voice against it as most of these are owned by major manufacturers having good contacts with central councils and no one wants to mess with them!

There are many flaws in the homoeopathic patent medicines that are available in market and about the rules and regulations governing them and without any doubt this need to be corrected in system as soon as possible, as its affecting the credibility of Homoeopathy  as  whole and its our resposibility to act and regularise certain things.

There are 5 Gross Irregularities that I have noticed in OTC Homoeopathic patent Medicines are:

1)Many of these medicines mention the effect/indications of each of the used drug seperately on the labels, where as its being administered in combination, and when more than substances are combined the new combination may not retain individual properties of original components. So only effects of newly prepared combination as a whole should be allowed to be mentioned on label.

2) Indications/effects should be strictly scrutinised before letting them mentioning it on their Label. Though generalising of medicine as per disease is against certain laws of organon but still “Genus Epidemicus” section does provide liberty on this aspect to some extent.

But the claimed effects should be confirmed by not only as per Homoeopathic Drug Proving Principles under high vigilance but also double blind placebo controlled trials with most modern techniques as they are not giving classical or constitutional approach in their combination disease specific medicines and is based only on theraputic model, which can easily be checked by modern techiniques.

3) The dosing which they mention on their labels should be strictly banned as  almost all of these medicines mention a fixed dose pattern without time-frame in a generalised manner for all . Organon strictly mentions that one cannot generalise the dosages as its too dangerous and should only be administered as per the susceptibility of an each individual also its a well known fact that organon strictly warns unnecessary repetition of doses in same potency one the effect has started.

4)Label of “Homoeopathic Medicine” should not be allowed if the indications are not based on same cures same principle, as its not the substance thats being used makes it homoeopathic in nature its the way its administered on a diseases condition determines wether  its Homoeopathic or Unhomoeopathic in its mode of action. There are many substances that are being used in common in Ayurveda  Homoeopathy and other systems of medicines but application and indication is different as in Homoeopathy we administer as per “LIKE CURES LIKE” or “Same Cures Same” principle where as most of other system use “Opposite Cures”.

Let me give you an example that if homoeopathy used X substance for cure of  diarrhoea then the other system will use  that substance X for cure of cobstipation.

Organon clearly mentions that when a substance is administered first it shows a primary action which is due to material dosw of that substance that act directly on the body and then come secondary response that is the body’s reaction towards that direct primary medicinal action, which we all know as response to stimulus, So in homoeopathy we rely on response to stimulus and not the primary action of the drug substance that is the stimulus, so in homoeopathy we just stimulate the organism as a whole and wait for its reaction towards that stimulus unlike other systems where they simply keep stimulating and stimulatimg by repeating ever increasing material doses whereas we just administer initial few doses untill we find satisfactorily that the organism is being stimulated sufficiently then we stop dosing it further as it will only create medicinal aggravation or even dangerous – the killers aggravation which under certain condition is fatal.

So its important wether the mentioned indication is homoeopathic in nature or unhomoeopathic and wether the indicated dosing are corresponding to laws of organon or not, otherwise they can simply mention to consult physician for dosing of those medicines.

5)Most of these medicines mention “No Side Effects” on their label,  Now this fact is not commonly known that if Homoeopathy if not taken as per principles of homoeopathic it can produces severe aggravations which might deteriorate patient’s condition and in some cases patient may even die, this type of aggravations are well known in Homoeopathic community as “Killers aggravation”. And by mention such dosing and with other irregularities most of these medicines are not homoeopathic medicines at all!

Considering all above facts most of the so called Patent Homoeopathic Medicines alvailable in market are not at all homoeopathic!


  • The consumers are being cheated
  • Their life is at stake
  • Goodwill of homoeopathy is perishing

All these are gross irregularities not only on the part of Manufacturers but also the Governing body and the lax rules and ruglations governing them.

Its causing lots of critisicism about homoeopathy globally and homoeopathy has started losing its credibility because of all such issue this wonderful system of gentle medicine needs to be preserved properly and its in our hands.

Its time for all of us to come forward not only the physicians and consumers but also governing body and manufacturers to find a proper solution to this mess and lay down stringent laws not only as per Homoeopathic pharmacopia but also keeping into effect the bare homoeopathic laws as mentioned in homoeopathic organon of medicine. Though many of those need to be ammended but still the basic essence and priciple can never be Violated or Amennded  to proudly call our self HOMOEOPATHS And That Law Is “LIKE CURES LIKE”.


THE KILLER’s AGGRAVATION -Homoeopathic Medicines Can Kill You!

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