Nerve fibres originating from L4-S3 unites in front of piriformis muscle to form the widest single nerve in human body called the SCIATIC NERVE. Myalgia Paraesthesia in the corresponding region of supply of the Sciatic Nerve is termed as SCIATICA.

This symptom can be due to compression of /injury to /pathology of Sciatic Nerve or its nerve fibre origin.

Compression/Injury/ Pathology can be due to trauma / mechanical wear and tear / pathological changes around sciatic nerve or at origin of its fibres at lumbar and sacral region.


  • Lumbar Spondylosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Disc Herniation
  • Degenerated Vertebra
  • Sciatic Nerve Surrounding Muscle Spasms
  • Sciatic Nerve Surrounding Tissue Inflamation
  • Deep Tissue Abscess Around Sciatic Nerve
  • Fetal Weight During Pregnancy
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Tumours in and around Sciatic Nerve
  • Injury During Surgical Procedures


Patients presenting with pain along nerve path; should be tested for straight leg raise test

Further imaging tests CT, MRI, MRneurography helps to find out exact cause

Person should also be tested for any deficiency of Calcium through Bone Mineral Density ; Vitamin D levels where sciatica is due to bony degeneration or osteoarthritis of lumbar spine or osteoporosis in general.

Vitamin B12 levels should also be tested

In patients with sciatica due to spinal complaints originated from mechanical reasons

Secure lower back(lumbosacral region) and give it proper rest; mild exercises not involving lumbo-sacral region; helps by not involving lower back but still maintaining healthy equilibrium of body thus helping faster recovery.

Spinal manipulation helps to an extent in disc related pain which is contraindicated in progressive neurological deficits

Patients with sciatica due to non mechanical spinal reason / secondary to tumour / some other pathology like inflamation or abscess around; should be treated first for primary reason.

Homoeopathic Medicines for Sciatica with Indications


Magnesium phosphoricum is a great antipsoric remedy. Mag phos is a constituent of nerves, muscles, bones, spine, brain, blood corpuscles. It helps to create white fibres of muscles amd nerves. The deficiency of this salt allows the fibres to contract causing spasms, cramps and other nervous phenomenon. Magnesium phosphoricum is thought of in all maladies having origin in nerve cells and in muscle tissue. Mag phos is very well indicated in Sciatica. It is suited to tall, dark, neurotic, exhausted people. Used for neuralgic pains, having spasmodic effects and have great influence on nerves and muscles. The pains are very violent and may affect any nerve. Pain localises itself in a nerve and become worse especially in case of sciatic nerve. Pains come in paroxysms. The patient feels better in warm place where neuralgias are better. There are times when a nerve in which there is a considerable pain becomes sensitive to pressure. Stiffnness, numbness along the route of nerve from prolong exertion. Rest relieves most of the complaints.


Rhus tox is a frequently indicated remedy in rheumatic affections, and neuralgias. Rhus tox affects the fibrous tissue markedly joints, tendons, sheaths, producing pain and stiffness. Rhus tox is very useful in Sciatica. Pains usually spread over a large surface area along the route of nerve, stiffeness of limbs with paralysis. Presents with tingling in feet. Affections of nerves and spinal cord give rise to paretic effects. Symptoms appear on the eft side and go from left to right. Patient is very restless., cannot rest in one position. Complaints come on from cold damp weather aspecially to cold. Pains that run through Rhus tox are aching, tearing with numbness and paralytic weakness of limbs with loss of sensation. Presents with low back ace with stiffnness, aggravatiom on resting after excercise.


Calcarea carb is chief representative of calcium compound. Calcium metabolism is active during childhood and becomes defective in middle age. Calcarea patient can be described as fair, fat and flabby with tendency to gain weight. Calcarea carb has main action on the vegetative sphere with impaired nitrition being the keynote of its action. Calcarea carb has marked indication in case of sciatica, where there is severe pain in the lower back, lumbar spine to the buttock and down the back of leg. Excruciating pain with burning sensation. Presents with numbness tingling sensation in affected leg or foot. Associated with Weakness of extremities.


Bellis is known commonly as Wound wort, therfore like Arnica it is great traumatic remedy. Very well indicated in Sciatica. There is results of injurie to nerves with intense soreness and intolerance of cold bathing. Severe pain at the lowet back, radiatinv downwards, pains may vary widely from a mild ache to sharp burning sensation, can feel like a jolt or electric shock. Worse when you cough sneeze or due to prolong sitting aggravates the complaints. Sore bruised feeling in the pelvic region.


Hypericum perforatum is an excellent remedy for injury to parts rich in sentient nerves. Indicated in traumatic neuralgiaand neuritis.Spasms after injury.
Hypericum perforatum is considered when the sciatic pain is attended with tingling, burning and numbness in affected limb. The spine is very sensitive to touch. Walking or stooping is impossible from intense pain in back and lower limb. Aching pain in left sciatic nerve after prolonged sitting. Violent pains and inability to walk or stoop after a fall on coccyx. Excessive painfullness is the guiding symptom, associated with cramps in calves.


Arnica montana is frequently indicated remedy in case of sciatica. Patient usually presents with excessive soreness of lower limbs. Severe neuralgias with low backache and pain radiating from back through thigh to foot. Numbness and soreness after over exertion. Cannot walk erect on account of bruised pain in pelvic region. Limbs ache as if beaten. Numbness in feet. Sore lame bruised feeling all over the body, bed feels hard. Slightest tough is unbearable. Arnica is usually suited to cases when an injury however remote seems to have caused the trouble. Extreme restlessnes, patient constantly changes his position.


The sphere of action of phospahte of lime includes all neuralgic affections and bone diseases whether due to some dyscrasia or defective nutrition. Calcarea phos is One of the most important tissue remedies. Very well indicated in case of sciatica. The back pains are worse from cold stormy weather. Severe pain in the back and along the route of sciatic nerve from straining, tearing, shooting, and aching in the spine. Soreness in the sacroiliac symphysis. Pain in the lumbar region and sacrum extending to the feet.


Plantago usually affects the nerves causing nerves causing neuralgias. Patient usually presents with sharp cutting type of pain. Numbness in the affected parts. Trembling of limbs. Severe pain in the back extenxing to feet. Sharp shifting type of pains. Very useful remedy in case of sciatica.


Colocynth has a long lasting action on the nerve especially the scoatic nerve. The principle feature of colocynth is its severe tearing, neuralgic pains, pains are so severe that the patient is unable to remain still. The sciatic pains ae better feom hard pressure. Neuralgic pains are cutting, clamping, gnawing type followed by numbness and lumbar ache which is relieved by pressure. Severe pain in the back extending downwards, sensation as if heavy weight in the lumbo dorsal region lying on left side. Along with sciatica there is agonising pain in abdomen causing patient to bnd double with restlessness. Sciatic pains extend from lumbar region to limbs. Tensive lancination in lumbar region and hips especially while lying on the back. Pain while walking as if psoas muscles were too short, on stooping it caeses but commences again while walking. Usually Left sided sciatica, pain along the course of left sciatic nerve. Pain in low back radiates to toes.


Gnaphalium is an indicated medicine in sciatica, when the pain in the sciatic nerve is attended with numbness. Useful in cases of sciatica where pain is confined to calves and feet. There is intense pain in the nerve accompanied by cramps alternating with numbness. Intense pain along the route of sciatic nerve. Lumbago with numbness of parts and weight or heaviness in pelvis.


The rapidity of action of aconite determines its symptomatology. Aconite is one of the indicated remedy in sciatica. Symptoms are acute, violent and painful. They appear suddenly and remain for a short while as if a big stormwhich soon blows over. Neuralgic pains are very intense. Pain in the back. Sensation of burning, numbness, tingling, crawling semsation alon the route of nerve. Parts remain sore and numb after pains. Physical and mental restlessness with state of fear, anguish.


Belladona is very useful remedy in sciatica. Where the pains are sudden and violent with redness and heat of affected parts. Belladona acts on the nerve centres producing twitching, pains, jerks and spasms in limbs. Invluntary limping. Trembling of limbs. The lower part of the back feels as if broken. Sensation of heaviness in the buttocks and thigh. The sciatic pain is worse from heat and relieved from bending backwards and by rest. Symptoms of belladona that is pain and suffering come on suddenly pass a regular course amd subside suddenly.


Silicea is one the indicated remedy in sciatica. Presents with neurasthenic states and increased susceptibility to nervous stimuli. Sciatic pains usually start in thr back hips and run through the course of sciatic nerve through back of legs and feet. Severe cramps in calves and soles. Weak spine. Severe pain in coccyx.


Bryonia is most effective medicine for sciatica that gets worse from walking. The slightest motion may worsen sciatica., in such cases lying down absolutely still provides some relief to the patient. Heaviness in the Affected hip or leg. The general character of pain here is stitching type of pain, pains greatly aggravated by slight motion and better by rest. Usually adapted to nervous dry, alender people. Pain in small of back which becomes worse by stooping. Scaitica better by lying on painful side.

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