NIPAH VIRUS HOMEOPATHY Controversy – Does Homoeopathy Really Have Prevention or Cure For Nipah Virus Infection?


Nipah Virus Homeopathy Controversy – Does Homeopathy Really Have Prevention or Cure For Nipah Virus Infection?

Nipah Virus Homeopathy controversy has been gaining momentum since few days with many claiming that the claims of homeopathy are false, so whats the truth is lets have the deeper understanding about it.

Nipah Virus outbreak in state of Kerala first noted on 19th of May 2018 and since then the government authorities are on alert and to contain the infection and avert the potential epidemic about 230 doubted cases have being tested of which total 18 have turned out positive of which 16 have already lost their life. which shows that mortality rate of current outbreak is very high compared to average of all past outbreaks one can say almost 100% fatality rate of the current outbreak


Homoeopaths have come out with the medicines that can be indicated or applied in subjects of Nipah Virus Infection after proper homeopathic evaluation. To which believers of orthodox wide spread conventional mode of treatment, the allopathy, have come up with a very rebellious mood as usual claiming that homoeopathy cant work in Nipah Virus Infection and rebuting our claims even without giving a thought find out its practicality.

Homeopathy has since long came in for the disposal of mankind whenever there were epidemics and outbreaks of disease and allopathy had failed.


Now the question arises right now is of the current outbreak of Nipah Virus Infection and its homeopathic treatment whether homeopathy has medicines for prevention and/or cure of Nipah Virus Infection or not.

Homoeopathy is based on principle of  “likes cure likes” its called the principle of similars ( just like vaccines ) ; where as the Allopathy is based on dissimilar sufferings and so aptly the name allopathy to this system was given non other than by the Founder of Homeopathy Dr Samuel Christian Fredrich Hahnemann and since that time Allopath’s opposition to this system Homeopathy is continuing.

In homeopathy we do not treat “the disease” but we treat “the person in disease” – Various Disease causing agents have different type of virulence, each which very specific set of characters, now our immune system responds in various ways to various antigens and also its very much subjective in various individuals. So in homeopathy we first take into consideration the type of response of immune system and what it has to express and how its responding to this antigenic stimulus as it is the one which is going to fight out the disease.

So in homeopathy we do not have name of the disease and its medicine but we have the set of symptoms that our immune system is expressing and its matching remedies. So its based completely on symptom similarity principle with which homeopathy since ages have cured many so-called incurable conditions because we believe in treating the Person in Disease by understanding what its immune system is expressing and trusting and strengthening it so that it can drive out the antigen with its dynamic, intelligent, automatic, autocratic, powerful nature of force which has helped life forms to evolve from unicellular to various life forms so different from each other and with different abilities.

In Homeopathy rather than hitting the virus or the antigen directly with noxious agents and damaging the system even further we simply trust the unquestionable power and ability of our immune system and try to strengthen it by stimulating it so that it can drive the virus out so homeopathy shows better success rate in treating viral conditions compared to allopathic mode of treatment.

Now in Nipah Virus Infection in past outbreaks we have seen that there are IgG and IgM antibodies against Nipah Virus have been formed in individuals that have survived the infection. so the immune sytem of many is strong enough to fight out the virus and survive.


So homeopathy has a role in the Nipah Virus Infection disease and homoeopathic medicines if selected as per symptoms of patients affected by the disease and principle of organon of medicines should help the Nipah Virus Infected subjects to recover from the infection completely and also prevent the condition as mention in principle of Genus Epidemicus.

Journalists and critics should responsibly first understand homeopathy and its principles which are quite different than allopathy before jumping up on conclusion that homeopathy has no solution, similarly homeopathic doctor or association should be very careful mentioning indicated medicines and should not make any unproven claims of sure cure or sure prevention and should be very clear that the medicines are only indicated as per homeopathic principles.

So health authorities with unprejudiced and unpolitically motivated mind should come forward and consider the goods of the homeopathic system of medicines which the homeopathic system has delivered since ages and should apply in the preventive medicine for nipah virus and treatment of Nipah Virus Infection to confirm and perfect the homeopathic  community claims, Especially when where allopathy is absolutely failing!


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