Recently during second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India, I have come accross many social media forwards about Aspidosperma Quebracho mother tincture and its Miraculous role in COVID-19 pneumonia and hypoxia, with many claiming extra-ordinary results within few minutes of administering the medicine.

Many of my patients, friends and relatives have asked me curiously about authenticity of the claims of such forwards. Hordes of people even ended up at my clinic asking for Aspidosperma Quebracho Mother tincture. So I thought of clearing the cloud created by certain exagerated social media claims on this remedy and its use in COVID-19 hypoxia; based on my years of experience with this remedy and recently since a year on COVID -19 patients as well.

I have mentioned this remedy in my earlier comprehensive post on COVID-19 disease and its homeopathic treatment that I had posted last year.

Aspidosperma Quebracho is a very common medicine used in homeopathy for treatment of respiratory ailments especially Asthma and its acute exacerbations.

  • Aspidosperma Quebracho since ages is regarded as digitalis of lungs.
  • It is known to promote oxygenation of Red Blood Cells and excretion of Carbonic acid by clearing temporary obstruction in lungs and stimulating respiratory centers thus promoting oxygen carrying capacity of blood.
  • It is indicated in cases with thrombosis of pulmonary artery as found in COVID-19 complications.
  • Also used in patients with breathlessness due to pulmonary oedema caused due to congestive cardiac failure, typically presented as wheezing, coughing, dyspnoea, bloody sputum, shortness of breath -Cardiac Asthma.
  • In patients with dyspnoea i.e. want of breath or shortness of breath due to increased blood levels of Urea and other nitrogenous waste products that are usually excreted by kidneys
  • Reduced Oxygen saturation during walk or on slightest exertion- experienced as want of breath during activity “Dyspnoea on Exertion”.

So, many of the symptoms and conditions that this homeopathic remedy can treat are found in many COVID-19 patients, so its a good remedy that can be administered to COVID-19 patients with reduced oxygen saturation.

In my experience I have not found any extraordinary miraculous results with this remedy within minutes as claimed in social media post, but yes it may help to some extent in COVID-19 patients with reduced oxygen saturation; not instantly but after administration of few doses; by stimulation of respiratory centers, also may help in clearing pulmonary obstructions and pulmonary thrombus.

It may be administered in conjunction, along with regular main stream treatment but it is definitely not a replacement or alternative to oxygen support as falsely claimed by some social media posts.

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