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CONSTIPATION cure in Homoeopathy


Constipation homoeopathic treatment requires a careful note of other digestive system disorders, patients dietary and exercise habbit, water and fluid consumption throughout the day, and addiction to any types of nerve stimulants like tea coffee tobacco etc.

A careful note of type of constitution and body make up is required with miasmatic background , history of various illnessess and medication should be ask about.

In homoeopathic remedy selection for constipation it is important to make note of character of stool and any peculiar pain or sensations for individualisation of case and repertorisation for similimum remedy selection.

  1. Collinsonia Obstinate with no stools for days together, dry hard stools with pricking sensation while passing stools , which causing heamorrhoids, this remedy should be thought of in constipation of children with itching in anus and in women with dysmenorrhoea or during pregnancy.
  2. Bryonia Alba Dry hard large thick dark brown knotty stools as if burnt, typical stitching pain while passing stools, constipation due to dryness of mucous membranes, Constipation in summer season calls for this remedy, it typically suits to constitutions who are robust with firm lean muscular fibers dark complexion and right sided affections aggravated in summer and ammeleorated in cold wether.
  3. Nux Vomica incomplete unsatisfactory bowel clearance, frequent ineffectual urge to pass stools,this medicine is contradicted if patient has no desire or urge for stool, irregular peristalsis, constant uneasiness of rectum due to frequent urge for stools, Constipation due to side effects of homoeopathic medicines, constipation in persons having stressful sedentary lifestyle with habbit of frequent stimulants like tea cofee tobacco opium etc, night watching, constitutionally this subjects typically have irritable temperament ,short tempered gets angry soon and are lured by wine and women, Zealous fiery temperament, predominantly a male remedy.
  4. Hydrastis Canadensis constipation due to slugish liver functions and gallbladder affections, sluggush nerves need for stimulants for urge to pass stools, smarting pain in rectum while passing stools, all gone empty sinking sensation in abdomen with constrictions and spasms berore and during passing stools.
  5. Natrum Muriaticum Chronic constipation in person with hyperacidity, earthy complexion with lean thin emaciated body great craving for salt, ailments due to grief anger irritability , resentment , excess salt intake for prolonged period, cutting and gripping pain in abdomen before and during passing stools, constipation with cuts and ulcers on lips and corner of mouth.
  6. Chelidonium Majus constipation due to affections of liver and gall bladder, obstructive jaundice, and sluggish intestinal motility, stools hard and in round balls , like sheep’s dung, pasty clay coloured , stools floats on water, burning and itching in rectum during and after passing stools.
  7. Causticum Child can pass stools only while in standing position, Stool soft and small size like of Goose-quill or hard tough envoloped in mucous giving it greasy shiny appearance has to strain a lot due to partial oeresis of rectum.
  8. Anacardium Orientale Plug like sensation in anus, spasmodic contractions of spincter ani with lack of control and pawer on spincter ani, ineffectual urge to pass stools.
  9. Aletris Farinosa aversion to food, few mouth fill causes fullness of abdomen nausea and bilious vomitting, hyperacidity,  dyspepsia , severe constipation with  flatulent colic,  hard large stool pain and difficulty to pass stools due to paralytic condition of rectum with lots of stools lodged inside,
  10. Alumina Dry Hard knotty stools initially then followed with soft stools, no urge to pass stools and if at all there is urge to pass its painful, has to strain a lot to pass stools due to anal paretic condition causing soreness dryness and congestion with bleeding from rectum, especially in old people and infants and person suffering from chronic low dose aluminium poisoning due to cooking food in aluminumium utensils.


ABDOMINAL PAIN Homeopathic Medicines

ABDOMINAL PAIN Homeopathic Medicines


Pain in abdomen may be due to many reasons it can be because of minor gastric disturbance or may be due to severe conditions like Pancreatitis, Hepatitis, Ascitis, Cholecystitis, Cholelithiasis, Urolithiasis, Apendicitis, Tumours Malignant or Non Malignant, Hernia, Strangulated Hernia, Gastric or Peptic ulcers, fistula in Gastro Intestinal tract, Gynaecological complaints, Helminthiasis or Amoebiasis or other infections, Urinary tract infections etc.

All these may be due to minor infections or minor physiological disturbance to severe septic conditions and severe autoimmune conditions. So if pain persists then Its advisable to rule out any underlying pathological condition under observation of qualified physician.

In homeopathy each medicine has its own sphere of action, that is, more affinity towards certain organs and systems compared to other, also such action has a peculiar mode of action producing perculiar type of pathology in the organ, system and organism as a whole.

So its important to understand the person’s constitution and underlying pathological cause due to which the patient is having pain so that we can relate it to medicinal symptoms and select the most similimum medicine to treat not only the symptom of pain but also the underlying cause along with.

There are many medicines in homoeopathy which has special affinity towards certain abdominal organs and nerves along with,  which can be used for abdominal pain depending on which organ and system is involved and what kind of patholigy its showing.

Below I have mentioned GENERAL MEDICINES that have specific affinity towards certain abdominal organs and produce peculiar pathological action giving rise to characteristic symptoms in corresponding constitution types that have been mentioned.(FOR MORE SPECIFIC CONDITIONS BEHIND ABDOMINAL PAIN I HAVE GIVEN LINKS OF MY VARIOUS ARTICLES)

  1. MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA One of the best Anti-spasmodic remedy in homoeopathy, Severe cramping pain in abdominal muscles due to indigestion causing flatulence or constipation, gas in bowel loop compelling patient to bend double with eructation of gases, patient has fullness and distention of abdomen patient has to the loosens the belt or clothing around belly and walk with frequent release flatus  relieved by rubbing with pressure and warmth.
  2. NATRUM PHOSPHORICA complaints due to hyperacidity burning pain in abdomen and sour eructation , good remedy for Gastro-oesophageal-reflux disorder, patient has sensation of some lump type obstruction in throat, good remedy for flatulent colic during jaundice.
  3. CARBO VEGETABILIS Its one of the best homoeopathy emergeny life saving remedies , can be used from minor to severe conditions ; typically suited to fat sluggish and lazy persons with weak vital force and immunity; typically shows singns of sluggish circulation causing hypoxic condition; also it affects the blood vessels causing ecchymosis and mucosal heamorrhage; stagnant circulation causing sepsis gangrene patient goes into septic shock with cyanosed appearance blueness of face and exretmities  , very cold body but hot head; very good remedy for abdominal affections with or without infections Contractions from chest to abdomen; all gone empty sensation in abdomen not relieved after food, cramps in abdomen compelling patient to bend double, pain in abdomen due to slow sluggish digestion causing food to putrify, pain in abdomen and septicemia due to strangulated hernia.pain aggravates by lifting weight,exterme fetid flatulence with Gastro-oesophageal-reflux disorder distentension and fullness of abdomen pt has to loosen belt and clothes around waist(Mag phos); aggravation 30 minutes after meals even with the lightest mealor food, sour rancid belching, severe burning pain in epigastrium which is sensitive to touch ; general hyperacidity and flatulence due to indigestion ; pt has aversion to food in general esp heavy oily food, gastric disturbance triggers asthmatic affections. pain due to ulcers fistula in Gastro-intestinal tract. a good remedy in cholera typhoid liver affections gengrene hernia appendicitis
  4. PLUMBUM METALLICUM constrictive sensation in internal organs,contracting and boring pain in abdomen, sensation as if whole abdominal wall is pulled backwards and tied to spine causing pressure tightness of abdomen and radiating pain, abdominal pain due to lead poisoning painter’s colic, pain in abdomen due to kidney ailments like acute nephritis etc. accumulation of gasses in bowel loop which doesnt pass off causing abdominal pain.
  5. CAULLOPHYLUM False labour pains, Spasmodic pain of abdomen due to gastric disturbances.
  6. COLOCYNTHIS cutting agonising pain in abdomen, boring sensation as if stone were ground together in abdomen,
  7. MAGNESIA CARBONICA typically suited to individuals having hyperacidity and excessive secretion of digestive juices and mucous from gastro-intestinal tract,sour body odour , broken down and worn-out women during climecteric age having uterine affections; this individuals are oversensitive to external impressions like noise touch bright lights etc,typically ailments from blows , shock,  brain fag, this constitutional types have tendency towards constipation; Pain in abdomen with Rumbling and Gurgling within very heavy downward dragging sensation towards right illiac fossa and pelvis, colicky gripping pain preceeds stools with severe tenesmus in constipation or when these subjects contract diarrhoea or dysentry.
  8. BRYONIA ALBA typically suited to individual having tall dark robust lean and strong muscle fibre; patients having right sided complaints, Patient has  stitching and tearing pain worse by slightest motion making patient too irritable due to pain , pt wants to rest complately due to it , burning, stitching, tearing, pressing pain in epigastrium as if a heavy stone was in the pit of the stomach, region to tender and sensitive to touch or slightest motion even on breathing for that purpose, severe constipation with stitching tearing pain in abdomen with dry hard knotty large stools difficult to pass.
  9. NUX VOMICA predominantly a male remedy. It is a wonderful remedy to start homoeopathic  treatment as it antidotes bad effects of most allopathic and homoeopathic medicines taken in past also it balances digestive system thats been disturbed due to irregular lifestyle ; medicines alcohol spicy oily food etc; Its frequently used by homoeopath as first prescription when the homoeopath wants to borrow time to conclude the constitution of the patient and yet start the basic treatment; This remedy is typically suited to persons whose constitution is deranged and shaped up as a result of leading irregular and sedentary life style ; like irregular meal pattern ireegular sleep pattern night watching ; no exercise ; excess of sexual indulgence and frequent excess of alcoholic beverages causing digestive disturbance and liver affections Bruised and Sore abdominal muscles with stitching spasmodic colicky pain causing short breath and urge to pass stools ; abdominal distended with gaseous accumulationspain due to strangulated inguinal and umbilical hernia; Pain in abdomen due to alcoholic hangover; Pain due to severe constipation as a bad effect of allopathic medication.
  10. ASAFOETIDA Typically suited more to hysterical and Hypochondriacal patients,flatulent and spasmodic contraction of stomach and oesophagus with reverse peristalsis, abdominal pain due to severe ulcers fistulas and other abdominal presentation of secondary and tertiary syphillis; this rem,edy has typical boring pulsating and throbbing pain; lots of gas formation pain around umbilicus gasses accumulates in large quantity and the whole ball of gas ascends upwards giving out frequent loud eructations with pain in epigastrium.










ABDOMINAL PAIN Homeopathic Medicines





Headache is a common term generally used when there is pain in any portion of the Head.

It can be classified into Primary or Secondary

1) Primary are not caused due to any major underlying pathology or structural anomaly. They do not pose a major threat except that it deteriorates quality of life by affecting day to day routine, professional and family life due to pain. Few primary headache types are mentioned below

  • Migraine pulsating throbbing pain, with phonophobia and photophobia.
  • Primary Tension Headache usually presents with band-like pain.
  • Primary Stabbing headache stabbing piercing type as if nails are pierced in cranium
  • Primary Exertion Headache precipitated by strenous work and exertion lasts for 5-30minutes
  • Primary Sex Headache believed to be due to low intracranial flow of blood, starts during sex and peaks out at orgams. Lasts for few minutes, it can be serious in such cases if its due to subarachnoid heamorrhage and proper treatment is required as soon as possible.
  • Hypnic Headache small episodes of headache lasting for 15-30minutes only during sleep.
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia presents with shooting thread-like pain on face.
  • Cluster headaches frequent small episodes of headache with congestion of nasal mucosa and conjunctiva causing redness eye and is usually one sided
  • Hemicrania Continua one sided constant pain with intermittent small episodes of severe pain.
  • Primary Cough Headache believed to be due to increased intracranial pressure and flow of blood , lasts for few minutes, if it lasts longer pt need intracranial evaluation for any pressure induced damage.

2) Secondary accounts only 10-20% of all cases. It is caused due to underlying pathological conditions or structural anomaly like:

  • Gastric Disturbances
  • Brain Tumours,
  • Cervical Spondylosis,
  • Arteriovenous Malformations,
  • Ruptured Aneurysms,
  • Intracranial Heamorrhages,
  • Post Epileptic,
  • Closed Angle Glaucoma,
  • Temporal Arteritis.

Most of the Secondary type are dangerous and need to be treated for underlying cause first, as soon as possible.

10 Best Homoeopathic Medicines for Headache:

  1. Belladonna for throbbing fullness and pulsating pain in head with hot head, Pain in head typically involving forehead, occiput, temples, compaints more on right side compared to left side, pain in head aggravates on lying down, bright light, loud sound, after hair-cut, suppressed cold, pain in head with congestion of respiratory mucosa and conjunctiva, patient bores head into pillow and keeps moaning due to severe pain in head, pain in head with vertigo on rising up.
  2. Natrum Muriaticum hammering, blinding pain in head with severe throbbing aggravation in morning on rising till sunset, relieved during sleep, pain in head during menstrual bleeding phase, headache in school going girls due to heat of sun aggravated in afternoon and stays only during day time , also indicated in pain in head due to Sun stroke and anaemia, pain in head due to ill effects of prolonged excessive intake of salt, pain head relieved after vomitting, myalgia paraesthesia of lips tongue and nose during headache.
  3. Iris Versicolor visual disturbance preceeds and accompanies with headache, especially blurred vision, pain in jead typically on forehead and temples and right side affected more compared to left side, aggravation on mental stress and disturbances in meal pattern and time, aggravation on hyperacidity and mental strain.
  4. Glonoine pain in head due to heat of sun or due to heat of fire, headache of nervous origin, brain fag, strain, pain in head due to congestion and hyperaemia of brain ending up with violent epileptic attack, throbbing and pulsating pain in head as if blood is rushing towards head and heart. patient has great confussion lassitude and dizziness. headache due to Heat stroke or Sun Stroke
  5. Opium – Papaver  Somniferum – dried latex of the poppy. Bursting pain in head with sensation as if some heavy weight has been olaced on head, pain in head with depression drowsiness, stupor, torpor, general sluggishness followed by stupid sleep.
  6. Gelsemium Sempervirens pain in head with dullness, dizziness, drowsiness and trembling, pain in head in patient with motor paralysis, headache with weak feeble pulse and slow circulation, aggravation of headache on high altitudes heat of sun, sun stroke, band-like pain in head, sensation as if a tight band is tied around the head. Pain extends from temples to ear to nose and chin forwards and downwards, mild relief on lifting the head a bit and placing it on a high pillow, patient falls asleep due to pain in head and is in delirious condition during sleep.
  7. Ruta Graveolens a very good remedy for excess of intoxication drinks causing hang-over headache, Pain as if nail is driven into the cranium.
  8. Actea Racemosa / Cimicifuga Racemosa , it shows a typical type of pain in head, patient has a waving sensation as if something is opening and shutting down in brain, head aches due to stress anxiety apprehension , pain in head as concomittent in women with uterine affections
  9. Allium Cepa Shooting – Threadlike neuralgic pain in head, head aches due to catarrhal conditions(cold), chronic headache in women relieves during menstrual flow resumes soon afterwards, mostly rt sided, good remedy in trigeminal neuralgia.
  10. Eupatorium Perfoliatum sensation as if cap of lead is being pressed over whole skull causing severe throbbing pain in head, pain in veryex and occiputal region due to cervical spondylosis , pain accompanying vertigo , paining sensation in head with pain in and around eyeball.

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PILES cure in Homeopathy ; NOTICE warning this page has graphic images  (age 18+)



warning this page has graphic images  (age 18+)

  1. ALOE SOCOTRINA Piles like bunch of grapes, protruding external piles, weak spincter ani with no power to hold back stools causing insecurity and want more control over spincter ani as there is constant bearing down sensation in rectum, confused on sensation wether its call for stool or flatus, stools ar pasty lumpy and watery or jelly like mucoid which passes out involuntarily with soreness and burning pain in rectum, pt frequently constipated with bearing down sensation in lower abdomen
  2. AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM piles looking like ground nut most of the times internal , sensation as if all rectal veins are engorged and pulsating with swollen mucous membrane causing narrowing of passage making it difficult to pass stools, constipated with dry hard stools comes out in large lumps  with efforts and severe sticking pain after stools as if anus was been sticked with hundreds of needle at a time with rectal prolapse (in severe cases), it accompanies with lumbo-sacral pain.
  3. RATANHIA protruding heamorrhoids with fissures. Has to strain a lot to pass thin watery fetid stools with constant oozing. Cutting stitching burning pain as if anus was lodged with hundreds of broken glasses or knife with constriction and severe burning like from fire, pain starts just before and persists for many hours after stools with oozing of mucoid substsnce around anal region.
  4. CALCAREA FLOURICA varices of vesseles around ano-rectal region, with frequent bleeding, piles are internal and has lumbago as concomittant, flatulence and constipation.
  5. HAMAMELIS VIRGINCA Bleeding piles, blood in copious quantity, with sore raw feeling as if bruised with sensation of engorged vessels with pulsating sensation in rectal region.
  6. ALUMINA Dry Hard knotty stools initially then followed with soft stools, no urge to pass stools and if at all there is urge to pass its painful, has to strain a lot to pass stools due to anal paretic condition causing soreness dryness and congestion with bleeding from rectum, especially in old people and infants and person suffering from chronic low dose aluminium poisoning due to cooking food in aluminumium utensils
  7. COLLINSONIA sensations of constriction and pain as if sharp sticks in rectum with great itching and burning pain, severe obstinate constipation with no urge for days together alternates with diarrhoea.
  8. HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS it has active ingredient hydrastine which acts on nerves,  piles caused due to severe constipation , with no regular urge to pass stools, smarting and burning pain in rectum with contractions and spasms of intestimes rectum and muscles of abdomen and anal region
  9. CARDUS MARIANUS Hard knotty clay-like stools causing Ano-rectal varices and heamorrhagic piles in patients with liver and gall bladder affections, rectal cancer , rectal prolapse.
  10. BLUMEA ODORATA bleeding piles with diarrhoea and dysentry, copious bleeding, arrests bleeding soon.



Severe Piles before treatment At Dr SHAH's Homoeopathy- Dr DEEPAN P SHAH
Severe Piles before treatment At Dr SHAH’s Homoeopathy- Dr DEEPAN P SHAH


Severe Piles during treatment At Dr SHAH's Homoeopathy- Dr DEEPAN P SHAH
Severe Piles during treatment At Dr SHAH’s Homoeopathy- Dr DEEPAN P SHAH


Severe Piles Cured Completely After treatment At Dr SHAH's Homoeopathy- Dr DEEPAN P SHAH
Severe Piles Cured Completely After treatment At Dr SHAH’s Homoeopathy- Dr DEEPAN P SHAH


Menorrhagia is one of the most common gynaecologic complaint seen in most of women and young girls. Almost every women experiences such episode of bleeding at some point of time in their life.

Menorrhagia may start anytime from menarche through reproductive years to menopause.


Menorrhagia is defined as a cyclic bleeding at normal intervals, the bleeding is either excessive in amount or duration or both.

The term menorrhagia is derived from the greek word

MEN meaning Menses
RRHAGIA meaning burst forth.

Menorrhagia interferes with a womens physical, emotional and social quality of life.


A normal menstrual blood loss is 50 to 80 ml and usually does not exceed more than 100 ml.
In menorrhagia, the menstrual cycle is unaltered but the duration and quantity of menstrual bleed are increased.
Menorrhagia is essentially a symptom and not a disease in itself.


Once the menstrual bleeding starts the platelet forms clots in the opened vessels. Prostaglandins causes myometrial contractions and constricts the endometrial vessels. The repair of endothelial regeneration begins on 3rd and 4th day of period, by growth of epithelial cells from the open endometrial glands aided by vasculal endothelial epidermal and fibroblastic growth factor.
In menorrhagia or excessive bleeding with regular menstrual cycles, the Hypothalamopituitary ovarian axis is intact but endometrial changes get altered.

What are Ovulatory and Anovulatory Cycles?

A more logical approach is to divide the abnormal uterine bleeding into those patterns associated with ovulatory and anovulatory cycles.

Ovulatory Cycles

Normal menstrual bleeding with ovulatory cycle ia spontaneous, regular, cyclic, predictable and frequently associated with discomfort that is dysmenorrhoea.

Anovulatory Cycles

Uterine bleeding that is unpredictable with respect to the amount, onset and duration and is usually painless, as in dysfunctional uterine bleeding like menorrhagia.


The most common cause lies in Disturbed Hypothalamo-Pitutary-Ovarian axis resulting in condition like polycystic ovaries PCOS, Immature development of organs results in anovulation in the earlier years, unapposed oestrogen causing endometrial hyperplasia. As the girl matures the normal menstrual cycle are established.

General Causes – Blood dyscrasia, coagulation disorders, thrombocytopenic purpura, severe anaemia, leukamia, Von willebrand disease.

Uterine Causes –  Uterine fibroids, fibroidal polyps, adenomyosis, endometrial hyperplasia, endometriosis etc.

Pelvic inflammatory diseases can cause menorrhagia.

Use of Intrauterine devices, it is seen that 5 to 10% of women using intra uterine devices suffer from menorrhagia in 1st few months.

Pregnancy complications include Single, heavy, late period may be due to miscarriage. Another cause of heavy bleeding during pregnancy includes location of placenta , low lying placenta or placenta previa.

Malignancies – Uterine cancer or cervical cancer can cause heavy bleeding.

Medications– Certain medications can cause heavy menstrual bleeding.

Thyroid dysfunctions can also be one of the cause for menorhhagia.


  • Heavy vaginal bleeding resulting in saturation of one ore more sanitary pad, requring double protection, and need to sanitary pad more frequently.
  • Bleeding along with passage of clots and usually lasts for more than a week affecting the routine of a women.
  • Pelvic pain though not present in all cases of menorrhagia is frequently encountered symptom of menorrhagia. This may be seen in menorrhagia due to infections and conditions like endometriosis, adenomyosis and pregnancy related complications.
  • If the patient presents with pelvic infections there may be other symptoms like fever, chills, copious vaginal discharge.
  • Excessive and prolonged menorrhagia leads to anaemia. Usually the patient manifests in the form of excessive weakness, easy fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath.
  • Menorrhagia caused due to hormonal imbalance in diseases like polycystic ovarian disease, patient may present with hirusitism, acne etc.
  • Delayed appearance of menstrual bleeding phase with Heavy bleeding is due to anovulatory dysfunction of ovary with prolonged influence of Oestrogen
  • Frequent / Early appearance of menstrual bleeding phase i.e. interval less than 21days with:
  1. Normal bleeding – is always an anovulatory cycle.
  2. Heavy Bleeding – is due to ovarian dysfunction


Diagnosis of menorrhagia can be done based on the complete medical history of the patient and conducting a complete physical examination including a pelvic examination.

Other diagnostic procedures for menorrhagia may include

  • Routine blood examination
  • Pelvic ultra sound scan is the first line of diagnostic tool for identifying structural abnormalities.
  • Hysteroscopy, includes visual examination of canal of cervix and interior of uterus using an instrument inserted in the vagina.
  • Pap test to rule out neoplasia.


  • We should note the total duration of bleeding and how much time it is heavy bleed.
  • Assess the length and duration of cycle.
  • How often or how frequently the patient has to change her sanitary pad.
  • Enquire about the passage of clots. Clots represent heavy flow and are painful as they pass through the cervix.
  • Look for any symptoms suggestive of anemia like easy fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness etc.
  • Enquire whether menorrhagia has an impact on her personal life and is hampering her day to day activities.
  • Enquire about any past medical illness including clotting disorders, thyroid dysfunctions or any other gynaecological history.


Some useful measures like general measures to improve the health status of patient.

Maintain a menstrual calender noting duration and extent of blood loss.

Adequate rest during menses.

Advise for proper diet with a healthy and balanced diet to regulate the menstrual cycle. Choose a diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, fish, food ricch in protein vitamins, iron, calcium.

Excercise regularly – Besides emproving blood circulation, excercise also helps to maintain weight. As fat cells release excessive oestrogen from body, excercise helps to maintain an optimum hormone balance.



    Very useful homeopathic remedy for passive dark bleeding very useful medicines in inter-menstrual pain and bleeding; Vicarious menstruation dark profuse bleeding with much clots and membranous discharge; passive bleeding; in patients with heamorrhagic cyst ovarian cyst; vulva feels sore with much pruritus and severe pain in lumbar region; good remedy for post partum bleeding.


    Hemorrhagic tendency typically suited during climacteric age when patient has hormonal changes which causes mood swings and other menstrual abnormality especially menorrhagia. This remedy is called in when patient shows peculiar mental symptoms like mentally too restless, jealous, pt is too jealous too harm someone but her benevolent side stops her doing so,  loquacious jumps from one topic to other with no head or tail in talks, abusive ill-humored , too much of suppressed sexual desires causing nymphomania, too suspicious keeps doubting everyone around her that they all are conspiring against her, she develops a religious mania and also feels as if she is under some supernatural powers.


    Too frequent and too profuse menses, with swollen sensitive breast and nipples swollen red congested burning with pruritus in vulva and severe pain in back.


    Excessive menses during at climacteric age blood dark with much coagulation forming long black strings and much clotting, uterine bleeding after delivery or miscarriage, uterus much enlarged in size. headaches due to menstrual irregularities.


    heamorrhagic diathesis; menorrhagia with bright red blood, profuse, prolonged and starts too early. bad effects due to lifting weights or due to pregnancy which causes varicose veins that bleed easily.


    if given in excess dosing unhomoeopathically, this remedy will promote uterine bleeding and also aborts fetus and if administered homoeopathically in similimum dosing it will stop uterine bleeding


    very good remedy in lower potency and in crude mother tincture form, in women with menorrhagia and infertility due to hormonal ovarian or uterine imbalances. Its a very good tonic for female reproductive system used since ancient times in india in ayurveda now its homoeopathic tincture is showing promising results in homoeopathy as well


    I have found this medicine wonderfully effective in curing menorrhagia especially due to thickeneng of endometrium in mother tincture form in frequent repetitions. also menorrhagia due to fibroids and polyps prolapse of uterus is well tackled with this medicine not only stopping the bleeding but also regressing its cause.


    A wonderful remedy for Uterine Heamorrhages uterine bleeding aggravates on slightest movement with bright red blood gushing out accompanied with sensation os if lumbar region and gluteal region was breaking into pieces and wants it to tie it with a bandage. menorrhagia during climecteric age; menorrhagia with prolapse of uterus.


    a very good remedy for non specific bleeding from any organ also has a very good action on uterine bleeding too profuse menorrhagia.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder associated with airway hyper-responsiveness of tracheobronchial tree to various stimuli and manifested by acute, recurrent or chronic attacks of bronchial narrowing, variable in severity and usually of brief duration.

The episodes are usually associated with widespread but variable airflow obstruction within the lung that is often reversible.

It is believed that airway reactivity is major feature of asthma and this is induced by inflammation and that inflammmation is basic abnormality present in asthma.


The narrowing of the airways in asthma is due to inflammation of the lining mucosa and contraction of bronchial smooth muscle.

The common denominator underlying the asthmatic diathesis is non specific hyper irritability of tracheobronchial tree.

This phenomenon is cardinal feature of asthma and is thought to be primary pathogenic event in the disease.

The pathological, physiological and clinical manifestations of asthma have their origin in complex interaction of environmental stimuli with locally resident cells including the epithelial lining and those migrating from the blood stream.

The interaction involves several mediators and cytokines that amplify the response and perpetuate it tp maintain continous disease activity.


Asthma exacerbations can be triggered by variious factors. Most of the patients have more than one precipitating factors and various triggers can cause exacerbations at different times.


Allergic asthma is dependant upon an IgE response controlled by T and B lymphocytes and activated by interaction of antigen with mast cell bound IgE molecules. Most of the allergens that provoke asthma are air borne. In allergic asthma, sensitisation to allergens occur when the macrophages and dendritic cells process the inhaled allergens and present it to T lymphocytes.
Allergic asthama is frequently seasonal and it is most often observed in children and young adults. A non seasonal form may result from allergy to various allergens in the environment.


Respiratory infections are most common of the stimuli that evoke acute exacerbations of asthma. Respiratory viruses are the major etiologic factor. In young children, the most important infectious agents are respiratory virus and parainfluenza virus. In adults and older children, rhino virus and influenza virus predominate.


Environmental causes of asthma are usually related to climatic conditions that promote the concentration of atmospheric pollutants and antigens. These conditions develop in densely populated urban areas.


Occupation related asthma is a significant health problem, acute and chronic airway obstruction has been reported to follow exposure to large number of compounds used in many types of industrial processes. Exposure to metal salts, industrial chemicals, biologic enzymes, various gases oxides of nitrogen,sulphur etc trigger asthma.


Psychological factor can interact with the asthamatic diathesis to worsen the disease process. The extent to which the psychologic factor plays a role in acute exacerbation is unknown but probably varies from patient to patient.


Asthma can be made worse by physical exertion. Provocation of bronchospasm by excercise is probably operative to some extent on every asthmatic patient and in some it may be only trigger mechanism that will produce symptoms.


The cardinal symptoms of asthma consists of a triad of dyspnoea, cough and wheezing.
In its most typical form asthma is an episodic disease and all three symptoms co-exist.
It is seen that the attacks often occur at night, may be due to fluctuations in airway receptor thresholds that may result from circadian variations in the circulating levels of endogenous catecholamines and histamine.
Attacks may also abruptly follow exposure to a specific allergen, physical exertion, a viral respiratory infection or emotional excitement.

At the onset patient experiences a sense of constriction in chest, often with a non productive cough.
In practice we see that the frequency and severity of symptoms and exacerbations varies from patient to patient.
It is seen that the respiration becomes audibly harsh and wheezing in both phases of respiration becomes prominent, expiration usually becomes prolonged and patient presents with tachypnoea, tachycardia and mild systolic hypertension.
If the attack is severe or prolonged, the accesory muscles become visibly active and frequently a paradoxical pulse will develop. These two signs are valuable in indicating the severity of obstruction.
Termination of the episode is frequently marked by a cough producing thick stringy mucus which often takes the form of casts of the distal airways and when examined microscopically eosinophils and charcot leyden crystals are seen.
In extreme situations, wheezing may markedly lessen or even disappear completely, as exhaustion sets in the level of conciousness may decline and chest may be silent which is an omnious sign of impending respiratory arrest.


Premonitory symptoms

Patient presents with Asthmatic aura, sometimes sneezing, dry irritant cough, irritability, restlessness may precede or accompany attacks of wheezing breathlessness.


Paroxysms usually occurs middle of night with sense of oppression in chest, leading to respiratory distress. Patient sits up and leans forward fighting for breath or rushes for fresh air to relieve sense of suffocation.
Asoociated with anxiety, cyanosis, perspiration and cold extremities.
Wheezing is loud and audible from a distance.
On auscultation inspiration is short and high pitched, expiration is prolonged with ronchi.
Rales may be heard at the base towards end of attack. In severe airway obstruction airflow may be so reduced that the chest is almost silent.


Termination occurs spontaneously. As bronchial spasm gets less, the patient is able to cough and bring out viscid mucofibrin expectoration.

Duration of Attack

Varies from few minutes to several hours. Sometimes the paroxysms are continous leading to status asthamaticus.


Arsenicum Album

Its the first and foremost drug that comes to my mind when it comes to respiratory allergies and asthma. Since centuries Arsenic is being used by mountaineers and people living on high altitude to combat complaints of dyspnoea due to low pressure and oxygen. Recent toxicological study in real world chornic exposure to Arsenic contaminated ground water from wells and other sources  in West Bengal Chile Argentina shows that non malignant respiratory effect of arsenic is more pronounced in persons already having skin lesions; which shows that there is more susceptibility of person with skin lesions towards arsenic compared to others. So if we apply it homoeopthically in treating patients with atopic dermatitis with respiratory allergies and asthma then it will yield good results. the organism as a whole shows following keynote signs that calls for arsenicum album; Night aggravation ; aggravation on lying down especially on back; after drinking; burning relieved by heat ; very sensitive to cold; very restless keeps changing position and sensitive to touch and external impressions ; great thirst  desire for small quantity of cold water in short interval of time. dry cough aggravates after midnight with scanty frothy cough with constrictive suffocation breathlessness with wheezing aggravates at midnight with darting pain in upperlobe of rt lung (indicated in Primary tuberculosis Gohn’s Focus) causing heamoptysis accompanying with burning pain between shoulder blades.

Blatta Orientalis

This medicines was first proven accidentally and has an interesting story so thought to share it with you all, once upon a time back in 18th century there was an old man who used to stay alone and was suffering from asthma since many years, he used to get many asthmatic attack throughout the day, one morning he was having severe asthmatic attack and he boiled the tea and consumed it after which his asthma got relieved to great extent after drinking a cup of tea prepared by him, it was the same tea that he used to drink on daily basis, so what was so different that day that his asthma got relieved so much?? Last night he was suffering very bad episodes of breathlessness which kept him awake that night so at night he had prepared black tea for himself after which he slept and next morning boiled the same tea again that had been prepared last night and consumed again . But again what a great difference can it make to boil the same old tea again and how can it produce medicinal properties so great so that it can relieve asthma, and if it was so easy then how did not others find this curative property of that tea till date, On emptying the tea pot he had seen a dead cockroach at the bottom of the tea pot that day , he was wise enough to recollect it after few days that he had seen a cockroach in the tea pot, and attributed the reason behind the cure to the cockroach, then he started consuming that tea boiled along with the same Indian cockroach  water whenever he got the asthmatic attack, and after few days he found that it not only gave relief in acute exacerbation of asthma but also reduced the frequency and intensity of episodes. he the started giving the same to other asthma sufferers around him for free then gradually people from far off started to flock around him for the medicine and soon he was famous, he then used to prepare in large quantity and add alcohol to preserve it for longer period, gradually after it came to notice to homoeopaths that the same indian cockroack if given to healthy humans in very large quantity then it used to produce asthma in that subject , soon they realised that the cure of asthma with Blatta Orientalis was based on homoeopathic principle of “similia similibus curentur” so they incorporated it into Homoeopathic Materia Medica. IT has peculiar asthmatic symptoms Heaviness of chest as if some weight was put on chest pt feels that he is breathing in the air only till trachea and not till lungs ; short fast breaths feels lungs are not expanding completely; sensation as if shoulders were dragged downwards towards feet. general sensation of heat in whole body.

Aralea Racemosa

A very good remedy for nocturnal cough of asthmatic aggravating by lying down and at midnight after first sleep with profuse perspiration, sensation as if foreign body stuck in throat,raw and sore feeling behind the sternum,  Good remedy for hay fever, respiratory complaints aggravates in spring and during draughts,copious, watery excoriating, acrid salty nasal discharge with extreme sneezing on least irritation to nose even by air.

Antimonium Tartaricum

Lots of rattling of mucous in chest but with very small quantity of expectaration with drowziness trembling prostrating debility and sweating desires cold water in small quantity frequently, Sailors asthma and asthma due to damp cellars and damp monsoon weather, velvety sensation in chest due to cough with much burning ascending upwards to throat, dyspnoea shortness of breath with rapid breathing relieved by sitting upright or lying on rt side and on eructation, Relieves asthma and respiratory allergies aggravated due to parasitic infections by expelling parasites from body especially bilharziasis. good remedy for breathing difficulty due to paralysis of respiratory muscles. typically acts on pneumogastric nerve so it proves to be very good remedy for hiccups nausea and vomitting due to coughing or other gastric complaints or daiphragm irritation.

Balsum Peru 

It is a very good remedy for catarrahal conditions in asthmatic patients with loud ronchi, rales copious thin muco-purulent discharge.


Especially suited in affections during damp cold weather, patient has sensation of tickling in throat with hoarse barking cough with rattling of mucous which is expelled only after coughing for long time which is thick yellow in character, cough aggravates after exertion. spasmodic cough with difficulty in breathing in asthmatic patients, good remedy for hay fever and whooping cough.

Justicia Adhatoda

In low potency it acts as a good expectorant in tenacious productive cough and in high potency its used for dry spasmodic cough with dyspnoea and tightness in chest dryness with pain in throat with difficulty in swallowing , aggravated in close warm room.

Drosera Rotundifolia

Crumbs-like sensation in throat feather-like sensation in larynx, asthma triggers while talking ; dry spasmodic deep hoarse cough in spells repeating in very short intervals “MASTER HAHNEMANN TERMED THIS REMEDY AS PRINCIPAL REMEDY FOR WHOOPING COUGH”. haorse cracked voice.

Aspidosperma / Quebracho 

Also known as DIGITALIS of LUNGS, stimulates respiratory centers and increase oxygenation. Indicated in Cardiac Asthma Dyspnoea on Exertion is a keynote guiding symptom of this medicine, also helpful in pulmonary thrombasis and stenosis. usually prefered in mother tincture or first decimal potency.

Eucalyptus Globulus

Moist Asthma with paplitation, white thick expectoration well indicated in mucopurulent offensive expectoration as well as it combats infections efficiently, ulcers on tonsil mouth and pharynx with supurative conditions. Enlarge ment of nodes and glands like lymphomegaly , tonsilomegaly adenoiditis etc.


Leucorrhoea is an abnormal vaginal discharge, its a very common complaint of women seen in our practice.

The discharge may range from what is called excess of normal to one which is a part of wide spectrum of ailments.


Leucorrhoea is an excessive vaginal discharge of whitish or yellowish which is thick and sticky.

Women experiencing from the excesssive vaginal discharge are worried and embarrassed about thier condtion and hesitate even to share this issue with their doctor.


Normal vaginal secretion

The physiologic basis involved in normal vaginal secretion is dependant on tbe oestrogen level. With the rising oestrogen level, there is abundant secretory activity of endocervical glands and the superficial vaginal epithelium becomes rich in glycoprotein.

The mucoid secretion from cervical glands is normally small in amount. The carbohydrate radicle of the glycoprotein mucin is spilt off and fermented into lactic acid. Thus the mucus is secreted in excess and is passed out at the vulva.

Usually normal vaginal secretion is slimy and sticky and quantity is less.

Normally it may be a little excess in mid menstrual period during ovulation or just prior to menstruation., during pregnancy and during sexual excitement.

The secretion is mainly derived fro the glands of cervix , uterus, tansudation of vaginal epithelium and bartholins glands (during sexual excitement)

The Excess Vaginal secretion is due to

• Physiologic cause
•Cervical cause
• Vaginal cause

Physiological cause

The normal secretion is expected to increase in conditions when the oestrogen levels become high. Such conditions are.

•During puberty

Increased levels of endogenous oestrogen level leads to marked overgrowth of endocervical epithelium epithelium which may enroach onto the ectocervix producing erosion leadin to excess secretion.

•During menstrual cycle

Around ovulation peak rise of oestrogen leads to increase in the secretory activity of the cervical glands.
Excess secretion occurs In premenstrual pelvic congestion and increased mucus secretion from the hypertrophied endometrial glands.


Due to increased level of oestrogen causes increased vascularity. This leads to increased vaginal transudate and cervical gland secretion.

• During sexual excitement

Occurs when there is abundant secretion from bartholins glands.


Non infective cervical lesion may produce excessive secretion. Such lesions are cervical ectopy, chronic cervicitis, mucous poylp.


Increased vaginal transudation occurs in conditions associated with increased pelvic congestion. The conditions are uterine prolapse, acquired retroverted uterus, chronic pelvic inflammation, use of contraceptive pills or devices.

What are the probable causes of LEUCORRHOEA?

It is usually seen that the mucus membrane and glands of our body produce normal secretions, these secretions protect our body by forming a slimy lining over skin or mucus membrane.
Similarly vaginal glands secrete some secretions to keep the organs moist or lubricated and hence help our body to prevent from infections due to its acidic nature of secretions.
Leucorrhoea usually is not an acute condition, it does not develop all of a sudden. It usually denotes a devitalised state. It involves one or more parts of the reproductive organs.
When our body is loaded with toxins due to various causes organs such as skin, kidneys, ailmentary tract etc are not able to flush out the toxins. As a defense mechanism our body produces profuse discharge and eliminates in one or the other form of mucus membrane of uterus or vagina in the form of leucorrhoea.

Most common causes of leucorrhoea are as follows:


•Fungal infections

Candida albicans can easily flourish in most of cases and is usually caused due to poor hygiene. It gives rise to thick whitish or lumpy discharge accompanied by intense itching in the genital region.

•Parasitic infection

Trichomonas vaginalis is most common cause of leuchorroea. It affects the lining of both vagina and cervix causing infection.

•Bacterial infection

Bacterial infections are caused by chalmydia and gardnerella vaginalis. They cause sexually tranmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorhoea HIV etc leading to abnormal vaginal discharge.
And other infections like Urinary tract infections, Pelvic inflamatory disease are also one of the cause
Of leuchorroea

•Hormonal Imbalance

Due to increased level of oestrogen it leads to increased vascularity causing increased vaginal transudate and cervical gland secretion leuchorroea.

•Poor hygeine

Unhygenic conditions cand lead to abnormal vaginal discharge especially during menstruation, unprotected sexual intercourse or excessive sexual indulgence etc.


Any injury to the vagina or cervix or tissues during delivert can cause erosion and infections leading to abnormal vaginal discharges.

•Contraceptive Devices

Use of contraceptive devices have high risk of causing infections and irritations leading to leuchorroea.


Lack of nutrition, Anaemia, Weakened Immune System causes Leucorrhoea.


Usually a female patient with leucorrhoea presents with the following symptoms

  • The most important symptom of leuchorroea is thick or thin whitish sticky vaginal discharge.
  • If the leuchorroea is caused due to an infection, the discharge is yellowish or greenish in colour and has a very foul smell.
  • The patient with leuchorrea usually presents with excessive itching, soreness and swelling of oedema.
  • Presence of white discharge is noticed on the undergarments.
  • Pain in the low back, abdomen, calf and thigh muscles is also one of the important characteristic symptom of leuchorroea.
  • Burning in the genital tract, with burning urination and frequent urge to urinate.
  • Patient presents with Weakness, lethargy due to profuse discharge.
  • Painful sexual activity may be due to intense burning and soreness of the genital tract.


Usually we see in our practice when a female suffers from leuchorroea for a long time has generally very weak constitution.

Let us put light upon some useful measure which will help us to combat leuchorroea.

  • Maintain proper hygeine of genital parts, cleaning the vulva after every act of urination,and sexual activity. Also hygeine should be equally maintained during menstrual periods.
  • Use of cotton undergarments to prevent sweat from being retained in the genital tract, which may become a medium for infections leading to leuchorroea.
  • Excessive douching of vaginal area should be avoided to maintain normal vaginal flora and balance the ph.
  • Stay hydrated, drink atleast 2 to 3 litres of water to flush out toxins from your body.
  • Maintain proper diet., include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet., healthy herbs,spices, carbs, protien etc.


While treating with homoeopathy its of utmost importance to understand the patient first and then her disease.

In homoeopathy we believe that the seat of the disease is on deranged vital force and functioning of normal human body and every individual has a different genome and so altogether a different constitution and each will responds in different manner to external environmental and social stimulus and insults on the organism as a whole.

Each has been subjected to different external inimical influences in different ways so each one has different peculiar differentiating trait and character, which has been embeded in gene through ages and generations to shape up a particular constitution and personality.

So its very important to find peculiar PQRS of each case, as each will respond differently to the same administered medicine, also requirement of the case varies due to vast difference in each constitution personailty and in homoeopathy we have the previlige to select individualised medicine or call it remedy.

So in my following article I have tried to throw some light also on the constitution, that is physical mental and miasmatic background, of each remedy type, this will  helps reader understand which type of constitution personality will respond better to which remedy or to put it in other words which remedy works better in which type of constitution and personality trait

Now its not always necessary that all the symptoms of medicines should match the patient’s symptom completely  but it is important that most of the major symptoms of disease that are concerning the patient most and the constitutional background should match at large if not exactly with the medinical grading of symptoms and the peculiars helps us to distinguish between finalising between two similar matching remedies.



Well suited to Pale Fair Stout Women with tendency towards obesity and is constipated most of the times in women who cant tolerate cold and all her symptoms are worse in cold climate; they have tendency towards delayed periods; women at climectric age(menopausal); blisters and crack on breast, nipples and lips; music makes her weep; swollen genitals with gushing leucorrhoea which isThin Pale Profuse White Excoriating Acrid, severe itching and burning of vulva Decided Aversion to Intercourse.

Natrum Muriaticum

Constitution has bad effects of suppressed anger fright and grief and  prolonged intake of excessive salt lean thin emaciated especially in neck region malnourished anaemic with earthy complexion and has gouty diathesis. mentally patient is depressed due to suppressed emotions and consolation aggravates her want to cry in solitude ; tears with laughter ; leucorrhoea is Acrid Watery these subjects have suppressed menses.


Suited to women who have tendency towards early menstruation; dry mucous membranes ; hasty hurried variable mood suicidal tendency on sight of knife or blood ; Leucorrhoea Acrid Profuse Transperent Ropy with burning aggravated after menstrual bleeding phase is over.


Pulsatilla women is regarded as the most feminine and beautiful personality in Homoeopathic materia medica it is Well suited to blonde hair fair thin female at puberty having mild gentle yeilding disposition highly emotional sad weeps  while talking; timid fears to be alone ; likes sympathy and consolation ; fear of males; and has predominantly delayed suppressed and scanty menses but not necessarily in every case its variable; leucorrhoea id Acrid Creamy Burning with Diarrhoea during or after menses


Typically suited well to women at climectric age(menopausal); and in who easily catches  affections due to cold climate; tipically a tubercular diathesis and has liver affection; indifferent; doesnt like to work which can consume her time so doesnt like her job business or even she is averse to her own family for that purpuse; sad and gloomy; indolent; Leucorrhoea Yellow Greenish with Severe Itching  clutching and stitching pain in vulva radiating upwards to uterus and umbilicus pain so severe that pt feels bearing down pressure feels that everything would escape through vulva; and keeps legs crossed to prevent it ; leucorrhoea with prolapse of uterus and vagina.


This constitution types have highest degree of superiority complex, they are too arogant, aggressive, too proudy , excessive sexual appetite,  Leucorrhoea with nymphomania, Leucorrhoea with severe itching tingling in vulva.


Dreads downward motion , Leucorrhoea like egg-white with itching and sticking pain in vulva with sensation as if hot water was flowing out through vulva.

Trillium Pendulum

Women with Sanguine temperament excessive Lochia and tendency towatds menorahagia. Copious Yellow Stringy Leucorrhoea in women with tendency towards menorrhagia with severe pain in back and hips were broken into pieces.

Antimonium Crudum

Watery Acrid and Lumpy Leucorrhoea with tenderness in ovarian region.


Leucorrhoea in women with inflamatory uterine and ovarian affections, has history of frequent abortions, Copious leucorrhoea with tenacious mucous patient severe lancinating and tearing pain, leucorrhoea accompanies urinary tract infection with constant urge to pass urine frequent micturation and burning while passing urine.

10 Best Weight gain Medicines in Homoeopathy


Weight gain with homoeopathic medicines

Homoeopathic medicines helps regularise weight of a person as per constitution and requirements of an individual.

For optimal realisation of Homoeopathic medinical effects the medicines needs to be selected as per the constitution with special emphasis on physiological imbalances and any other underlying pathological factors needs to be ruled out.

If not selected in accordance with the homoeopathic principles, the medicine might not yield desired result.

Similarly if selected in accordance with Homoeopathic principles it will not only help in weight gain but also resolve any other underlying abnormalities found in proper physiological functioning of body. As the medicines work via improving constitution of a person.

Below are simplified guidelines to select few of the generally used common medicines which are easy to select that most of the instances are hard to fail and can help gain weight in individuals with below normal weight.

  1. Abrotanum especially suited to person with Protein Energy Malnutrition, in ascending type of Marasmus, pot belly with lean thin arms and limbs, in person who eats well but still loses flesh Kwashiorker Protein Energy Malnutrition PEM , in person with Gouty Diathesis who lose muscles, in person who lose weight due to chronic Diarrhoea dysentery, linteric stool with visible undigested food particles in stools.
  2. Alfa Alfa general homoeopathic tonic to improve digestion promote protien absorption and metabolism.
  3. Ashwagandha / Withania promotes testosterone secretion thus promoting protien metabolism improving muscle mass and reducing fats
  4. Natrum Mur weak lean malnourushed  emaciated person with unhealthy skin and earthy complexion, irritability and depressive temperament causing weight loss.
  5. Tuberculinum weightloss due to past or present tuberculosis
  6. Phosphorus lean thin pale person with history of tuberculosis and sensitive to cold.
  7. Arsenicum Album typically suited in patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, bulemia nervosa, person stops eating due to fear fright and anxiety of death, disease or obesity.
  8. Chelidonium Majus weight loss due to sluggish liver function
  9. Lycopodium low body weight or weightloss due to liver disease or sluggish liver function.
  10. Pulsatilla in women with depressing emotion weeping desposition pale fair complexion with tendency towards hyperacidity and tendency to catch cold easily.

LOSE WEIGHT – 10 Best Homoeopathic Medicines

Lose Weight  (Fat Loss) – 10 Best Homoeopathic Medicines

To Lose Weight in obese patient who wants to reduce weight it is necessary to rule out all the pathological factors which may be responsible for obesity and if any found then first the underlying abnormalities needs to be treated first.

Each case preferably needs to be individualised properly as per homoeopathic principles for medicine selection, to yield best results of homoeopathic medicines.

Though , there are some generally used common homoeopathic medicines to lose weight which I have simplified to select by providing basic guidelines which are hard to fail in most of the cases,

  1. Phytolacca Berry well proven homoeopathic medicine for weightloss in general.
  2. Fucus Vesiculosus compliments well to phytolacca berry and when both given intermittently during weightloss treatment works wonders.
  3. Calcarea Carbonica Generalised obesity, for fair, fat and flabby women especially in their forties, mentally and physically sluggish , well suited to women with thyroid disorders.
  4. Thuja Occidentalis obesity due to excessive hunger and abnormally high appetite.
  5. Ignetia Amara obesity in females due to depressing emotion and PCOS.
  6. Thyroidinum obesity due to thyroid disorder
  7. Sepia obesity in female do to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  8. Iodium obesity due to disorder in thyroid glands
  9. Bromium obesity due to disorder in thyroid gland
  10.  Nux Vomica for weight gain due to sedentary lifestyle, irregular dietary habbits, irregular routine, lack of sleep, typical central obesity.
  • To lose weight a person needs to keep strict control on his diet and need to do exercise on regular basis along with medicines for faster and better results.
  • One needs to keep check that he doesnt lose muscle mass in the process
  • I recomend to completely stop sugar and jaggery
  • Oil and Ghee not more than 1-2 tsp throughout the day
  • Increase protien intake as per intensity of workout
  • Increase fiber intake in form of salads and fruits that are not too sweet
  • 4-5 small meals throughout the day
  • Ample of water throughout the day
  • 1 hour yoga or brisk walk
  • Intense workout under professional guidance for those wants to achieve subnormal so called ripoed and defined body.
  • Atleast 7 hours of continious sleep at a stretch is recomended.

Basically this article emphasises more on medicines so diet and regime will be discussed in detail in other article.

To Understand Obesity click the following link


HAIRFALL -10 Best Homoeopathic Medicines


Hairfall has multiple causes and each cause needs to be attended

A careful history needs to be taken and case needs to be taken to note down the following factors

  • Life style including diet exercise rest use of cosmetics
  • Life situations
  • Climate and Environment of the region where patient resides
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Automimmune conditions
  • Chronic diseases
  • History of communicable diseases
  • History of longterm medication
  • Family History and hereditary factors

Based on which we will be able to evaluate all the major factor involved and help us prepare line of treatment and selection of medicines

It is always advised that one should always select homoeopathic medicines as per Homoeopathic principles for best results.

Although there are certain medicines which can be generalised and given in almost any case with reasonably good results without side effects.

Below are few such medicines with simplified note for their selection as when they are called for.

  1. Arnica Montana Promotes hair growth if applied locally can be mixed in coconut oil and massaged locally on scalp on daily basis.
  2. Jaborandi Promotes hairgrowth and fights dandruff can be applied on scalp on daily basis.
  3. Selenium hairfall due to dandruff and hormonal imbalance
  4. Acidum Hydroflouricum hair lossdue to exudating eruptions on scalp and sensitive scalp
  5. Lycopodium male pattern baldness
  6. Acidum Phosphoricum Hair loss due to depressing emotions
  7. Acidum Nitricum Hair loss with severe folliculitis with burning sensation on scalp
  8. Kalium Carbonicun dryness of hair and scalp causing hairloss
  9. Natrum Muriaticum Hair loss due to depressing emotions, anger resentment.
  10. Calcarea Carbonica Hair loss in fair fat flabby women who typically have tendency towards thyroid affections.

A general care needs to be taken of hair scalp diet exercise rest which will be discussed in other article, as this article is intended only to throw light on commonly used homoeopathic medicines for hairfall.