Do not administer influenzinum for prophylaxis (preventive treatment) of swine flu

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Do not administer influenzinum for prophylaxis (preventive treatment) of swine flu H1N1 based on information that’s been spreaded on social sites.

As neither it has been demonstrated by any study that after its administration there is any kind of surge in antibody profile which helps to combat swine flu nor its based on homoeopathic principles!

There are no specific medicines in homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is based on symptom similarity of an individuals constitution, along with the symptoms his constitution presents for any particular disease conditions prevailing within him/her, with the medicinal symptoms

In homoeopathy each case needs to be individualised, based on his/her constitution, for selection of medicine, based on mental and physical characters with symptoms of an individual.

Now when it comes to prophylaxis (preventive treatment), here patient is not already infected and shows no symptoms, here we need to administer medicines based current characters & symptoms and past history of a person to derive his constitution and thus it may boost his vital systems and energy to combat against any external influences.
So prophylactic medicine may differ from person to person.

Now when it comes to treating already infected swine flu patient there can b same medicine for a group of patients with similar ethnicity and some what similar genetics, if each patient is showing almost similar characteristic and general symptomatology for the prevailing epidemic.
But don’t forget still always there is scope for individualisation for flawless results.

So there can be a probability of common medicine for already infected population which we call genus epidemicus but its difficult not to fail by doing so for prophylaxis regime.

Also the doses will differ from person to person based on susceptibility of each individual.

So you may yield some results with influenzinum in already infected patients but if the same medicine is given to uninfected patient with no symptoms, its completely not in accordance with homoeopathic principles, it may show medicinal aggravation and make a healthy person sick!

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