Nanomedicine and Homoeopathy

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Nanomedicine and Homoeopathy

[NOTE: – Below paragraph is based on the findings of study done using electron transmission microscopy at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IIT)-Mumbai]

Homoeopathy believes in minute doses so medicines have active ingredients in nanogram quantities sometimes just few nanobubbles or nanotubules or different formations of nanoparticles which enhances the surface area, so less substance is required to get desired action, also different nanoparticles and mono atoms of a substance have varied characteristics compared to its original substance and behave differently and dynamically so we get wide range of action which is faster compared to just original substance.

Homoeopathy is one of the youngest and the fastest growing system of medicine, within just 350yrs of its origin it has reached almost all countries and has become second most acclaimed mode of treatment globally (in terms of number of patients taking treatment) to stand just after allopathy (the widespread orthodox, contemporary system of medicine).

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