Best Fever Medicines in Homoeopathy


  1. Aconitum Nepelus sudden, acute , violent  onset of symptoms in initial stage of fever, its best suited in first stage of any inflamatory condition accompanying fever with mental restlessness, fear of death,
  2. Gelsemium Sempervirens dullness, dizziness, droopy eyelids, extreme prostration, trembling of limbs
  3. Ferrum Phosphoricum in lower potency in any febrile condition in initial stages
  4. Belladonna initial stage of fever with red flushed appearance of face and eyes , congestion and erythema of parts.
  5. Rhus Toxicodendrone fever accompanying joint pain, chickenguniya , rheumatic fever, viral fever with arthralgia, septic arthritis with fever, viral eruptive fevers like measles, chickenpox, hand foot mouth disease.
  6. Cinchonna Officinalis in intermittent malarial fever with heamolysis.
  7. Baptisia Tinctoria typhoid fever , know to produce antibodies against S. Typhi. bessoted appearance and delirious patient
  8. Arnica Montana fver due to head injury, fever with sore lame bruised pain
  9. Apis Melifica fever with dropsy and affections of kidney, fever with septic arthritis, fever with bullous eruption on skin either viral or autoimmune.
  10. Pyrogenum in septic fever

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