Arthritis is a term derived from “ARTHRON” means Joint and “ITIS” means Inflamation

Inflamation of joint and surrounding tissue is called ARTHRITIS

Its a general term used to describe pain swelling of joint and its surrounding tissue.

When one joint is involved its called Monoarthritis and when more than one joints are involved its called Polyarthritis

Different types of arthritis have different causative factors like

  • Mechanical
  • Immunological
  • Metabolical
  • Spetic
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle and Evironmental factors

Though each factor has contribution in certain degree in every type of arthritis; Still it can broadly be classified into 4 major category based on the predominant factor responsible for their Pathophysiolohy/Pathogenesis :

  • Mechanically mediated type
  • Immunological mediated type
  • Metabolical mediated type
  • Spetic

With Genetics Lifestyle and Environment as Contributory factors in each type.

Further various major subtypes are described in detail in following link:




RHUS TOXICODENDRON usfull in almost all types of joint and musculoskeletal complaints where the symptom call for the medicine like stiffness of joints aggravatedon rest and ammeleorated on motion in any ailment involving musculoskeletal system,  rheumatic joint affections, sprain and injury on joints etc

ARNICA MONTANA blunt injury and trauma, sore lame bruised sensation with swelling concussion and contusion call for this remedy

ACTEA SPICATA pain stiffness and swelling of small joints especially of hands , good remedy for post viral arthralgia like in chickengyunya where small joints are involved

BRYONIA stiffness and pain with hot swelling, redness of joints with stitching and tearing pain aggravation on least motion every spot is painful on slightest pressure

LEDUM PAL gouty arthritis involving small joints of extremities, hot swollen joints with throbbing pain, gouty nodosities, pain in ball of great toe, podagra, swollen ankles and painful soles, aggravation on warmth of bed , rheumatism starting from lower extremities and ascending upwards. right side more involved compared to left.

HYPERICUM PERFOLIATUM degenerative changes of joints involving nerves, sciatica, coccygodynia, cervical and lumbarspondylosis with nerve compression, tingling burning and numb sensation with lancinating pain calls for the remedy, darting pain of shoulders , cramps in calf muscles, pain in tips of toes and fingers, sensation of pressure along the ulnar side if arm.

PLANTAGO MAJOR helps relieve bony snd neuralgic pain in arthritis

BELLIS PERENIS soreness lameness of joints and muscles, rheumatic joint affections, sciatica where pain radiates down the anterior portion of thigh, sensation as if elastic band is tied around wrist feeling of contration of wrist joint, Railway spine,  sprain and bruises of joints and muscles, good remedy where varicose veins complicate case of arthritis or both are coexisting in any patient.

ACTEA RACEMOSA Rheumatism affecting intercostal region back and neck, cervical spondylosis caising nerve compression and electric shock like shooting pain comes suddenly reaches peak and goes suddenly, stiffness and pain in tendo-achilles. sensation of heaviness in lower extremities, heavy aching tensive pain with twitching and jerking of limbs.

APIS MELIFICA swelling of joint with synovitis and synovial effusion, spetic arthritis, red hot swollen joint , pain on sloghtest pressure or motion, gout , rheumatoid arthritis , post viral arthritis and arthralgia

CALCAREA CARBONICA osteoarthritis, degenarative changes in any joint , osteomalacia or osteoporosis causing joint degeneration, open sutures and fontanale in children, rickets , kyphosis and other loss of normal curvatures of spine, pigeon chest, fractures injuries of bones and joints


COLCHICUM gouty artjritis

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA osteoarthritis due to calcium deficiency , musculoskeletal complaints of old age, developmental musculoskeletal anomaly of growing children, fractures injuries of bones and joints.