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Quality & Proficiency

Since 2006

Specialised Homoeopathic Physician

  • Dr SHAH’s HOMOEOPATHY strives to maintain highest quality standards in homoeopathy.
  • Highly qualified experienced and trained doctors with masters degree.
  • Medicines from best manufacturers around the world.
  • Best quality diagnostic equipments.
  • Friendly doctors and staff so that you can communicate well and we can treat properly.
  • Skype/video calling facility at all Dr SHAH’s HOMOEOPATHY branches to talk directly to Dr Deepan P Shah.
  • Dr SHAH’s Homoeopathy believes in core human values and will strive its level best to maintain its goodwill.
  • Dr DEEPAN P SHAH started practicing homoeopathy in 2005
  • Dr SHAH Homoeopathy has three branches in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. viz. 1)Charkop branch(main branch) 2) RNA branch and 3) Ganesh Nagar branch.
  • Dr SHAH himself treats the patients, those from outside of India and tries to give maximum possible time to understand patient and disease.
  • Treating Patients Online From More Than 25 Countries – USA, UK, Australia, Singapore more…
  • Languages  we speak and understand: – ENGLISH, GUJRATI, HINDI and MARATHI


  1. Register online/on call
  2. Online Video case taking
  3. Medicines delivered at your doorsteps.


Homoeopathy and its Treatment Approach

Homoeopathy is one of the youngest and the fastest growing system of medicine, created by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann based on principle of “Similia Similibus Curentur” which means “Like cures like”. Within just 350yrs of its origin it has reached almost all countries and has become second most acclaimed mode of treatment globally (in terms of number of patients taking treatment) to stand just after allopathy (the widespread orthodox, contemporary system of medicine). Homoeopathy believes in minute doses, so medicines have active ingredients in nanogram quantities sometimes just few nanobubbles or nanotubules or different formations of nanoparticles which enhances the surface area, so less of the substance is required to get desired action, also different nanoparticles and mono-atoms of a substance have varied characteristics compared to its original substance and behave differently and dynamically so we get wide range of action which is faster compared to just original substance.

Instead of using large material doses of substances having opposite symptom(e.g. administering a substance causing diarrhoea to a constipation patient or administering substance causing constipation to a diarrhoea patient) like in Allopathy,  what Homoeopathic approach does is to administer a very minute dose of a substance having similar symptoms and stimulating body to help recognise the problem and compelling the body to learn fight  on its own, just like vaccines but without side effects.

In Homoeopathy we consider all systems and parts as a whole, which are working in harmony, all this systems are interrelated. So while treating disease of any particular part or system, we also take into consideration the whole body and mind with all its symptoms so when you are being treated for any major or minor diseases all other minutest accompanying or existing complaints are also solved out during this process. Unlike allopathy, rather than hitting the cause directly with medicines we prefer to go via our own body, we compel our body’s diffence and self restoring or self preserving mechanisms to learn/fight/reorganize/restore, once the body has learned how to fight it out, it will not let it in again, which helps to remove the disease from the body permanently (till there is no major irregularities in diet, rest, exercise and lifestyle).

Why To Choose Homoeopathic Doctor From India?

In India, unlike other developed/developing countries, HOMOEOPATHY is highly regularized in terms of education and practice, only those having completed formal education from a teaching hospital, affiliated to a recognized university, have rights to practice it, after registration.

India has a fulltime rigorous 5 ½ yrs theory/practical/clinical training course BACHELORS IN HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY (B.H.M.S.) it is a well designed course parallel to MBBS(Bachelors of Medicine Bachelors of Surgery) course of allopathy  comprising all the subjects with similar credits as in MBBS course viz.  Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry,  Pathology, Parasitology, Bacteriology, Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, Preventive and Social Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Practice of Medicine, plus additional Homoeopathic subjects  (Repertory, Homeopathic Material Medica, Homeopathic Pharmacy and  Homoeopathic Organon of Medicine). Admission to BHMS course can be secured only after clearing a common  entrance test for  MBBS /BHMS /BAMS /BDS and other healthcare course, held after successful completion of 10+2yrs of formal education in science stream. After completing 5½ yrs B.H.M.S. course along with 1yr compulsory rotating internship one can pursue a Master’s degree M.D. (Homoeopathy) which is 3 yrs full time course, for admission one has to clear a competitive entrance exam after B.H.M.S., so it takes 8 ½ yrs of fulltime rigorous training to be M.D.(Hom) in India.

So unlike other countries Homeopathic doctors in India are not mere Homoeopathic medicine practitioners, they highly trained physicians and surgeons, whom you also find posted in all the prestigious ultra modern hospitals (government/private), doing a role of a physician and surgeon and they are even posted in ER units.

Indian doctors have a benefit of dense population with low doctor to patient ratio and high disease prevailance giving them more practical exposure & experience than a doctor in any other country and this is one of the major reasons behind proficiency of Indian doctors.